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The complete trailer for You People, a Kenya Barris comedy that features Jonah Hill and was co-written by him, has been released on Netflix. Amira Mohammed, played by Lauren London, and Ezra Cohen, played by Jonah Hill, are both trying to find love in Los Angeles in the three-minute trailer for Barris’ feature film debut. Ezra confesses to his buddy (played by Sam Jay) in the trailer that he is desperate to find friendship because he feels “alone, on a building, hanging my legs off wondering what it’s like to feel companionship.”

Here’s the trailer of the movie: 

Enter Amira, who after Ezra mistakes her for his Uber driver during an airport ridesharing mix-up, prompts Hill’s character to say that he has “never felt so understood by someone in my whole life.” Ezra chooses to propose since he thinks Amira is the one and only, but he does so before they have met one other’s parents. Can you genuinely say that seeing my Black ass in the photo has made your family happy? After Ezra acknowledges her parents “detest” him, Amira inquires.

The unpleasant cultural incompatibilities that an interfaith couple experiences during their marital journey are then amplified in the trailer. Through a series of interactions between Ezra and Amira’s parents and Amira and Ezra’s parents. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who portrays Ezra’s mother, is overheard stating, “I suppose the cops —” as Hill becomes agitated. David Duchovny, who plays Ezra’s father, responds, “I like your braids.” Xzibit sported braids.

Ezra and Amira’s interfaith tensions reach a new level. When both sets of parents eventually encounter together in the same space. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan gave me the kufi that I’m wearing. Do you know the minister’s body of work? During a night in one of the homes, Murphy’s character questions Louis-Dreyfus. She replies, “Well, I know what he said about the Jews.

The film, co-written by Barris and Hill, also stars Elliott Gould, Travis Bennett, Molly Gordon. Also, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Mike Epps, Emily Arlook, Alani “La La” Anthony, and Bryan Greenberg. Along with Hill and Murphy, Kevin Misher produces the show. Executive producers include David Hyman, Matt Dines, Hale Rothstein, Alison Goodwin, Mychelle Deschamps, Andy Berman, and Charisse Hewitt-Webster.

Netflix will premiere You People on January 27.

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