Violent Night (2022): David Harbour In A Horrific Suspense 

Violent Night, a raucous skull crusher that dons furious action might, released on friday December 2 with Christmas on the way. With the hope that a barbaric Santa Claus would — just kidding. Rhymes end here — honor Die Hard and Home Alone, director Tommy Wirkola pays careful homage to both films. There’s no need to detract from my excitement for a mix of Hallmark holiday customs and gory battle scenes from the director of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Dead Snows. With the tongue-in-cheek sweetness of a winter paradise, Violent Night sells its gingerbread-scented hostage situation before old Saint Nick goes mad with a sledgehammer.


santa in violent night
Pic By: IGN

On Christmas Eve in Violent Night, Santa Claus is worn out by a world that has too much greed and not enough holiday cheer. Jason Lightstone, his ex-wife Linda, and their daughter Trudy are on their way to an annual holiday family reunion. Jason’s obscenely affluent mother Gertrude Lightstone, his vile sister, and her family will be hosting them for the holiday. The criminal genius known as “Mr. Scrooge” infiltrates with his band of goons with the intention of stealing $300 million from Gertrude’s vault just as Santa is there to deliver presents and takes a break to sip some good vodka along with his cookies. But the money seems to have vanished, and the Lightstones seem to be in custody. However, Santa finds some long-buried courage and fortitude to battle those on the “Naughty” list in an attempt to redeem the day since Trudy is a real believer.


Although this is not a kid-friendly film due to the violence, swearing, and gore, David Harbour’s endearing portrayal. The hilarious irreverence surrounding the well-known action scenes make it a delightful Christmas present. The Christmas films Bad Santa, Elf, Home Alone, Fatman, and even Die Hard itself are all references in Violent Night. However, there is no sense of homage or imitation in Violent Night. It seems appropriate to have a lot of fun at whatever cost and not care what gets ruined in the process. The crazy Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and the chaotic Nazi zombie film Dead Snow (2009) are among the films from Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola that fit this description.


Santa in violent night
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In these films, Wirkola demonstrates his knowledge of horror film history. His appreciation of horror films that are conscious of being horror films. His willingness to climb to the top of this precarious stack while continuously reinventing every essential moment. If Harbour hadn’t been there, it could have been tiresome to see one terrible. Killing after another as they grew bloodier and bloodier. He maintains equilibrium and gives his Santa Claus just the correct tone. He is worn out and jaded, never overly enthusiastic, yet he remains full of love and hope. With a sledgehammer, he can defeat a whole trained army, we still want to give him a hug.



santa in Violent night
Pic By: The New York Times

Nothing is quiet and flaming explosions are brilliant in Violent Night. The David Harbour extravaganza, directed by Tommy Wirkola, preserves emotional holiday warmth while getting nutster than peanut brittle. Wirkola embraces the B-Movie extremities that more than merit its harsh “R” rating. When Home Alone turns into a bloody homage, he doesn’t hold back. Traps that kill or as Santa crushes bone beneath heavy steel. When Violent Night is at its peak, no one can stop Santa from making this year’s Christmas. The reddest one could have ever imagined. It could take it a heated minute to get going and it will continue to pick low-hanging metaphorical sugar plums.





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