Vikram Vedha (2022): An Exceptional Bollywood Remake

This year, there has been remakes after remakes from Bollywood side and it seems that the viewers hate it. But! Vikram Vedha is an exception. Another thing that is apparent is the industry’s recent massive scale in producing are remakes. The newest of them all, Vikram Vedha (2022), focuses on placing its characters in Uttar Pradesh’s Hindi core. Another remake of a south Indian hit, Vikram Vedha, demonstrates that character and story intricacy need not always be sacrificed when making a film for a broad audience or a mass market.


SSP Vikram is an honest cop with a black and white sense of good and evil. Vedha Betaal is a fearsome gangster from Kanpur who understands the nuance. Vikram’s best friend, SSP Abbas, leads a confrontation unit in the STF set up to eliminate Vedha. In one encounter, the team kills some of Vedha’s henchmen and blames an unarmed criminal killed by Vikram to avoid further investigation. Vedha enters the police station and freely surrenders as the squad prepares for another encounter. When Vikram questions Vedha, he offers to tell her a story. The first act centres on Vedha’s transformation into a menacing criminal who advises his math genius younger brother Shatak to stay away from crime. Shatak, however, is coerced into transporting narcotics by Babloo. When the cops arrest Shatak and his friend Chanda, Shatak tells the officer it was babloo who made them do the work.

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Later, Babloo attacks Shatak at the behest of his boss, Shiv Prasad, leaving a permanent mark on his hands. Vikram is asked by Vedha if he should kill Shiv Prasad or Babloo. Vikram tells that Shiv Prasad is the real culprit. Vedha implies that he killed Shiv Prasad. Vedha’s lawyer, who turns out to be Vikram’s wife Priya, intervenes and saves her. Vikram realizes that the unarmed criminal they accused of evading the investigation is actually Shatak based on the mark in his hand. Worried that Vedha might try to kill Abbas, Vikram rushes to save Abbas, but shoots him and Chanda dead. IG dismisses it as a failed match. Priya refuses to reveal Vedha’s whereabouts to Vikram. Enraged by this, Vikram called Vedha’ He raids his apartments and manages to catch him. Vedha asks Vikram to listen another story.

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Shatak, who is now an adult, proposes to use stock investments to hide Vedha’s income in the second act. Vedha’s boss Parshuram Pandey is investing ₹1 crore in this venture. But Chanda is also being held captive, and the money is missing. When Chanda returns, she admits to having stolen the money to start a new life but returned because she missed Shatak. Vedha gives Pandey the money back and gets the go-ahead to murder Chanda. Vedha asks Vikram if he should respect Pandey and follow the order or disobey him and support Shatak and Chanda, thus inciting a gang war. Vikram tells that Vedha should support Shatak which he accepts. Realizing Shatak’s innocence causes Vikram to stumble for a moment, Vedha attacks him and suppresses him, Shatak’.

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When Vikram takes Abbas’ source to Shatak’s covert location to start his investigation, he finds the informant dead. He searches for the murderer with his crew. From Vedha’s account, Vikram remembers the exact moment when he located the Mumbai Gang boss. He realizes that Babloo is behind the encounter and informs Vedha that he brought Babloo to an abandoned factory at his restaurant. Vikram comes and meets Vedha who tells the third and final act to Vikram. Vedha had sent Shatak and Chanda to Mumbai. She realized that she had only men besides pandey.

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After Babloo’s admission, Vedha claims that Abbas was paid by Babloo to murder his men. He then asks Vikram if Abbas is correct in believing that Babloo is corrupt because he used the money to pay for his son’s medical treatment. Vedha murders Babloo, frustrating Vikram in his quest to identify the killer of Abbas. When the IG and unit show up, they accuse Vikram of letting Vedha go away once more. Vikram gradually comes to the conclusion that Babloo has bought off the entire team. IG claims that Babloo hired them to kill Vedha, and Chanda’s kidnapping was carried out with the goal of enticing Shatak out of Mumbai so that Vedha would come out of hiding.

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However, feeling guilty, Abbas went to save Chanda, but the unit had killed them both. Unit Vikram’ As he prepares to kill I, Vedha reappears and saves him. A gunfight ensues and Vikram with Vedha’s help disables all his colleagues but kills IG. Then, we see Vedha and Vikram standing opposite one another, Vedha preparing to execute a police officer while Vikram is preparing to confront a killer.


The movie’s first 20 minutes have a somewhat slow pace, but once Hrithik Roshan appears on screen, things pick up, and once both of the key actors are on screen, you won’t be able to stay seated. With its sharp writing, the second half is even more captivating. Other notable aspects of the movie include the dialogue, the visuals, and the climax. The songs are quite standard.

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The film’s background score and writing, in addition to the superb direction and outstanding performance, are its greatest strengths. You are frequently in awe of the writing’s genius. The two central figures in the plot are both given an equal amount of attention; neither is permitted to dominate the other. Hrithik Roshan, who offers excellent performances throughout the movie, portrayed Vedha. Also, Saif Ali Khan delivered a standout performance. The supporting cast, which includes Radhika Apte, Sharib Hashmi, Rohit Saraf, and others, did a decent job.


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In the end, Pushkar-Gayathri, the film’s writer-directors, mainly stuck to the blueprint they established for the original, even how they included parts of folklore. The fact that the plan hasn’t been much altered is a plus. But, they haven’t even tried to use the resources they already had to improve the remake over the original. Still, this one is worth the trip to the cinema.



Here’s the trailer of the movie

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