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Aditya Chopra conceptualized the Tiger 3 promo and scripted Salman Khan’s dialogue, according to Maneesh Sharma.

Director Maneesh Sharma of the movie Tiger 3 has finally revealed who penned the dialogue, a day after Salman Khan fans were mesmerized by his appearance and voice in a promotional video for the movie. Producer Aditya Chopra not only conceptualized but also authored the whole promotional clip for Tiger Ka Message, which was premiered on Wednesday. The director also discussed his experience making the movie.

Salman (as secret agent Tiger) will battle for himself and his family in addition to his country, according to a press release from Maneesh. This is the essence of who you are as a man, Tiger, yet it’s also where you feel most exposed. And he’ll act with absolute vengeance. This time, India’s number one agent is also India’s number one opponent, and I believe viewers will enjoy this suspenseful action entertainer.

Salman’s subtle performance, he continued, “adds this depth of gravitas and emotion to Tiger’s journey. He receives the special blend of grit and emotion that only Superstar Salman can provide, and I believe that this will make both his followers and the franchise’s fans even more devoted to him.

Salman is seen saying, “Jab tak Tiger mara nahin, tab tak Tiger haara nahin (Tiger is not defeated till the time he is alive)” toward the end of the promotional video. Maneesh described the dialogue as a “masterstroke” from producer Aditya Chopra, who not only authored the dialogue but also conceptualized the entire promotional video, when asked about the response to it. “Salman saying it on screen will cause hysteria. It’s a total paisa-vasool big screen dialogue.”

Maneesh Sharma expressed his joy at being given the opportunity to work on Tiger 3, and he added that he hoped to portray the spy in the same way that he had as a fan. “Tiger had possibly developed into the most recognizable figure in Bollywood during the last ten years. And there was an unexplainable joy when the chance arose to take over the reins and continue his narrative. I want to present Tiger as I have observed him to be as a film enthusiast: imposing, looming over you with his star power. I’m thrilled to be able to give his journey a deeper layer.

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