Things To Know Before Watching Avatar 2

Avatar: The Way of Water is already receiving positive feedback from critics ahead of its December 16 release. The sequel appears to be the kind of creative epic that nowadays only a select few directors, aside from James Cameron, have the resources to make. The sequel took 13 years to complete; among other things, Cameron had to develop new motion capture technology that allowed him to film underwater. In the meantime, you could have forgotten Jake Sully’s identity or the purpose of his visit to Pandora’s moon. You can watch the first Avatar on Disney+ Hotstar if you need to brush up before The Way of Water. So, we have created a list of things you should know before watching the sequel of Avatar.

Jake Was An Undercover Agent

Jake in Avatar
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It’s difficult to overlook the fact that Jake spends a significant portion of Avatar’s first half acting as a double agent, even though he proves himself by the movie’s climax.  He was dealing with Miles and steadily gaining the faith of the Na’vi people, notably Neytiri, one of sci-greatest fi’s female leaders. This pivotal story event highlights not just how readily Jake and the others may be influenced by colonists like Miles and Parker, but also how much character growth Jake goes through as he learns the beauty of Pandora and its community.

The civilization of Pandora was huge

Pandora in Avatar
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Pandora is viewed as a beautiful, flourishing, and linked world, with Avatar’s revolutionary special effects highlighting its gorgeous and dazzling nature.  But, in addition to the various species, Pandora is proven to be home to several dwelling clans, not only Neytiri’s, as seen when they join all Pandora people to oppose the onslaught on their home planet. This is significant because it establishes Pandora to be considerably more than the linear and primitive country that humans perceive it to be. Instead, it is huge, civilised, and united well beyond their colonial perceptions.

Avatars Are Made in Labs

Lab in Avatar
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Unlike the native Na’vi who inhabit Pandora, Jake and the rest of the team’s avatar bodies are created in a lab by fusing human and Na’vi DNA. This is an important aspect of Avatar’s plot since it focuses around Jake having a dual existence between his own body and the artificial hybrid; while Jake may feel real and alive in the Na’vi avatar, it is only a shell that allows him to live and walk on their land. With humans exiled from Pandora, it will be intriguing to see if similar boats are recreated in the sequel for a new generation of occupying humans.

Grace Dies

Grace death in Avatar
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Dr. Grace, who was well-meaning and sympathetic, was one of the bravest characters in Avatar, which made her tragic demise all the more sad. Her death is significant not just because it depicted Miles’ rage leading him to kill humanity. But also because it demonstrates that even Pandora’s power cannot repair everything. Despite their greatest attempts, the Na’vi were unable to save Grace, even at the hallowed Tree of Souls, demonstrating that the amazing world and its spiritual people had limitations, a vital lesson that hopefully will be carried over into the sequel.

Toruk Makto: The Beast

Toruk Makto in Avatar
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Despite being regarded as one of the most overrated films of all time. Avatar succeeds in creating a spectacular and gorgeous other planet filled with majestic new species. The Toruk, a vast airborne beast that the Na’vi both adored and dreaded, was one of them. Neytiri informs Jake that few have been able to tame such monsters. Thus when Jake accomplishes this achievement. He obtains the rare Toruk Makto rank, confirming him as worthy of their respect and trust once more.

The Fall of the Home Tree

Home tree in Avatar
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It’s clear from the start that the majority of the people on Pandora are there to benefit their own species. Seeking to plunder the planet for resources that can aid mankind. This conquest encourages those in power to regard the Na’vi as inferior. It requiring little permission or provocation to destroy their country. The administration team plans to demolish HomeTree, which was inhabited by Neytiri’s tribe. In retaliation for an aggressive attack on holy ground by the Na’vi. It’s a terrible story point that shows how violent and unjust the humans’ attack was. Also sparking the Na’vi’s uprising against the uninvited intruders.

The Colonial Rage of Miles Quaritch

Miles Quaritch in avatar
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Despite its otherworldly adventure and softer messaging, Avatar remains one of the finest fantasy and sci-fi films dealing with racism. Her use of Miles Quaritch in particular is striking. With his attitudes of Pandora and its people clearly influenced by colonial mindset and odious bigotry. Miles’ attitude toward the Na’vi is a key story aspect to remember since it drives his whole operation against Pandora. He also embodies the film’s concepts. Furthermore, his heinous activities are the reason mankind are eventually transported back to their wrecked Earth.

Jake’s Permanent Change

Jake change in Avatar
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Jake, as the protagonist, experiences the most character development throughout Avatar. He begins as a suspicious and narrow-minded double agent. Hefinishes as one of the Na’vi clan’s fiercest and most valued members. Perhaps the most striking sign of his continuous evolution is his constant transformation into his Na’vi avatar. Jake is now seen as deserving of staying among the clan indefinitely, free to create a family. He is free to continue his adventure with Neytiri, her family, and the planet. This crucial choice will surely factor into the sequel. Especially since the first film ends exactly as he opens his eyes as a permanent Na’vi.

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