The Worst of Evil Review: A Gripping Thriller

In the field of storytelling, where compelling stories have the ability to elicit empathy, “The Worst of Evil” is a Korean drama series that clearly succeeds in forging a close bond with its viewers. This amazing series takes us back to the turbulent 1990s and places us in the center of a massive criminal organization that controls the illegal drug traffic between China, Korea, and Japan.

The Worst of Evil Review

The Worst of Evil

“The Worst of Evil” makes no excuses when it comes to grabbing the attention of its audience. It captures your interest right away and holds it there without letting go. The story takes you on a trip full of intrigue, peril, and moral uncertainty. It’s an all-encompassing experience that sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

This captivating story revolves around Ji Chang-wook’s outstanding portrayal of Park Jun-mo. He plays a senior patrol officer from a small-town police department who is lured into joining the infamous Gangnam Union in exchange for a much-needed promotion. Suspense over his potential to survive in this dangerous environment while going by the identity Kwon Seung-ho never ends. Ji Chang-wook’s depiction of Jun-mo is evidence of his talent as an actor, as he brought a complex character to life.

The intriguing head of Gangnam Union, Jung Gi-cheul, is portrayed by Wi Ha-joon in a way that is engaging and gives depth to the plot. The series is propelled by the dynamic between Gi-cheul and Jun-mo, their shared past, and their constant power struggle, which gives it depth and suspense.

Yoo Eui-jeong, played by Im Se-mi, adds a crucial element to the storyline. She deftly balances her love past with Gi-cheul from their high school years with the complexities of her husband’s secret mission. Her character’s depth on an emotional level adds to the series’ profundity.

Bibi, who plays Lee Hae-ryeon, adds even more suspense to the drama by crossing national boundaries and cultural divides to progress the plot. Her presence demonstrates how vast and interwoven this criminal world has grown and adds another degree of intricacy.

The Worst of Evil | Plots & Twists

The Worst of Evil

With its many twists and turns, the carefully constructed plot makes sure that viewers are interested throughout the entire series. But there are times when the pacing slows down, especially right after the halfway point. Your patience may be put to the test by this intentional lull, but don’t worry—it’s just a temporary break. In the final few episodes, “The Worst of Evil” rapidly regains its momentum, providing a thrilling rush and a satisfying resolution. In addition to adding depth to the storytelling, this deliberate narrative ebb and flow creates a dynamic suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series highlights the attention to detail that director Han Dong-wook possesses. His creative shot compositions, such as the one in the middle of the episodes, give the program a cinematic edge that makes it stand out from other programs in the same genre.

The narrative of Jang Min-suk’s work is engaging and never gets boring, and the language is superb. The story as a whole is always engaging, even with a few predictable scenes and the odd dubious character choice.

“The Worst of Evil” has a worthy and gratifying ending. It neatly wraps up loose ends, though it may come as a surprise to some, leaving only a slight yearning for a little bit more. This unpredictable component gives the narrative a special depth. The option to choose a twelve-episode format is a noteworthy feature. This format is a fantastic balance in an era where K-dramas are usually broadcast in 8 or 16 episodes. It is a really satisfying watch because it provides a good length of story time without using filler material.

Final Thoughts

“The Worst of Evil” is an engrossing thriller that, in addition to evoking empathy, captures your attention with its tense narrative and outstanding acting. It skillfully constructs a convoluted web of secrets, betrayals, and the pursuit of justice, holding your attention through to the very end. Even with a few small pacing issues, this series is definitely worth a 4/5 because it successfully immerses the viewer in a world of crime, deceit, and moral ambiguity while still being enjoyable to watch.

The Worst of Evil Ending Explained

The Worst of Evil

Seo Jong-Ryul kills Seok Do-Hyung in the opening scene of episode 12. Due to information provided by Hong Hee-Sung and Choi Jung-Bae, police officer Hwang Min-Goo arrests Jung Gi-Cheol in the meanwhile. As they are leaving, Park Jun-Mo shows up, smashes the policeman’s vehicle, and saves Gi-Cheul.

On the other hand, Jun-Mo is unaware of Do-Hyung’s passing. Prosecutor Cho also tells him falsehoods about Do-Hyung’s survival, which is untrue. He only exhorts Jun-Mo to finish the research because they are almost there with the result. Gi-Cheol and Jun-Mo thereafter discuss their lives in great detail.

However, things quickly take a bad turn, so this is the last time the two have a regular chat. Hwang Min-Good issues an arrest warrant for Seung-Ho while he is in the hospital getting better. As this is going on, Lee Hae-Ryeon (BIBI) tests the medications that Hong Hee-Sung and Choi Jung-Bae give her. She puts her trust in Jun-Mo and offers them the delivery address to Japan.

Her confidence quickly wanes as Hwang Min-Goo informs her of Jun-Mo’s identity after discovering it. When she finds out that Jun-Mo is a married police officer, she’s surprised. He doesn’t say anything when she confronts him, but his silence tells her everything. She then kills the policeman with many stab wounds.

The Worst of Evil | The Worst of Evil ends on a bittersweet note

The Worst of Evil

As the drugs are given over, Jun-Mo confesses his identity and hands Gi-Cheol some handcuffs. Gi-Cheol is taken aback by the information. However, Gi-Cheol manages to get away when Jun-Mo purposefully leaves the car key and the shackle keys. The drug cartel members are arrested after Jun-Mo confronts them.

After hearing of Do-Hyung’s passing, Jun-Mo and his spouse Eui-Jong pay a visit to his cemetery. Upon arriving back at their house, Gi-Cheul is staring at their photo, grasping a rifle, and preparing to fire. Jun-Mo also pulls out a gun. Shocked by their betrayal, Gi-Cheul asks them if they will ever truly be sincere with him. Gi-Cheol is shot and killed by Jun-Mo before he can shoot himself.

Eui-Jung and Jun-Mo are given promotions. But they part ways, suggesting that their relationship is gone. Jun-Mo pays a visit to Gi-Cheul’s grave, where he sets his wedding ring and starts a cigarette. Even though Jun-Mo put his life in danger and completed the inquiry successfully, he also lost Gi-Cheol and his wife.

The Worst of Evil | Will there be Worst of the Evil season 2?

The Worst of Evil

Despite having a melancholy conclusion, the K-drama’s plot was fully resolved at that point. Whether it was a happy or sad ending, the series’ characters got their resolution. Jun Mo and Eui-Jung aren’t together, Gi-Cheol passes away, and the drug cartel is revealed. It doesn’t appear like any further plots will be developed.

In terms of plot, casting, and action sequences, The Worst of Evil was a huge success. It’s not impossible that a second season will happen if the creators and director come up with a completely new plot. It will be up to the viewers to stay updated.

Disney Plus offers the ability to stream every episode of The Worst of Evil.

Web Series: The Worst of Evil (2023)

Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi, Bibi 

Director: Han Dong-wook

The Worst of Evil | Public Review

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The Worst of Evil  (2023)


Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi, Bibi 


Han Dong-wook



Release date

27 September 2023


South Korean


Original:Korean, English, Hindi, Tamil dubbed, Tamil-Telugu 

Movie Format

720p, 480p, 1080p Full HD

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