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That 70s show, a cool sitcom about friends hanging out in the basement and doing the same old thing. Come along with them! Although the series takes place in the 1970s, the character interactions and common family problems have stayed the same. Here’s the list of the 10 Must-see episodes of That 70s Show:

The Best Christmas Ever (Season 1, Episode 12)

Laurie in that 70s show
Pic By: Peacock

Red lends Eric $40 to purchase a Christmas tree and tells him to save the leftover money for his party. In order to keep the money, Eric, Hyde, and Kelso chopped down a tree along the freeway. Besides buying beer with the money, Kelso also buys Jackie a Christmas gift. When Laurie adds rum to the punch, Jackie’s friends all of a sudden find them attracted to Fez. Red has to work on Christmas Eve, and shortly after he comes home. Police arrive at his door and inform him that they must remove his illegally purchased Christmas tree. Hyde also has feelings for Donna.

A New Hope (Season 1, Episode 20)

Kelso, Jackie, Donna and Eric in that 70s show
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When Eric, Fez, Kelso, and Hyde were watching Star Wars, they are all utterly amazed. Red has returned working at the company on a full-time basis. He asks Eric to hang out with the kid of his boss. When Eric last met David, he was a shy young man, but these days he’s a hottie who enjoys Donna’s short stories. Out of boredom, Laurie also starts making moves on Kelso.

Water Tower (Season 1, Episode 21)

Donna and Jackie in that 70s show
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Because everyone believes it resembles the finger, Kelso slips off while trying to mend the pot leaf that the boys painted on the water tower. They visit Eric instead of the hospital because his mother is a nurse. Eric accidentally sees his parents having sex as he runs to retrieve her. His parents suspect he’s doing drugs since he has difficulties sleeping and can’t look them in the eyes.

Hyde Moves In (Season 1, Episode 24)

Hyde in that 70s show
Pic By: Looper

The group heads to the Hyde house to take his and his mother’s clothes so they have something to wear after Kelso gets the notion to go skinny-dipping at the reservoir while they are riding in Eric’s car. But, all of their clothes are stolen. From the reservoir, Jackie contracts a cold and spends the night in bed. Midge’s Feminist Warriors, which no other spouse puts up with, are driving her mad, but when she notices that excellent provider Bob is feeling ignored, member Sharon reveals that she is really just a traditional caring housewife at heart. Despite  the fact that Red thought his finances were too tight to to buy pork chops due to the car plant’s upcoming closure, Kitty and Eric seemed to imply that he should act as Santa Claus for the left Hyde.

Garage Sale (Season 2, Episode 1)

Fez in that 70s show
Pic By: Peacock

The Formans hold a garage sale to raise money. Despite Eric’s advice, Hyde produces his unique brownies to sell at the bakery table because he wants to contribute as well. Sadly, the brownies end up in the wrong hands. Red sells more than he wanted to, and as a result, he must cope with the fallout. Jackie is given the moves by Fez at the movies.

Halloween (Season 2, Episode 5)

For a spooky Halloween, the gang chooses to visit their old, deserted, burned-down grammar school. It quickly becomes apparent that recounting scary stories is no longer frightening enough, but seeing their permanent recordings still gives them the shiverness. Red and Kitty are thinking about their first Halloween together in the meanwhile.

Reefer Madness (Season 3, Episode 1)

Kelso in that 70s show
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The boys were making fun of Red’s refusal to post bail and his determination to evict the corrupting felon from his home, as Laurie had advised, by imagining jailbird Hyde as some tough con’s sex-toy when Steven returned on probation. Eric devises the mad idea to admit he uses too, so Red can’t force Hyde out who plans to move in with Leo, despite Kitty’s pleas that the child needs direction more than ever. Eric truly wants to stay in his own house to keep his ‘buddy’ in.

Red Sees Red (Season 3, Episode 2)

Eric and parents in that 70s show
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Now that Eric has foolishly exposed himself, Red, who has never smelled anything except marijuana, turns into a nasty jail guard who is determined to make Red’s life both safe and unpleasant. The curfew eventually puts an end to even Laurie’s wild antics, and after a botched escape attempt Eric’s basement crew is also barred from the home, which is especially bad for Eric and Kelso’s love life. Their only hope is Kitty.

It’s A Wonderful Life (Season 4, Episode 1)

Eric and angel in That 70s show
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After their breakup, Eric and Donna are sad, and he spends the entire day in bed wishing they had never kissed. Then an angel arrives to show Eric, “God’s favourite cherub,” how the group’s lives might have developed if he and Donna had never fallen in love. Hyde, a dropout, will wed Donna, a tattoo artist. Despite the fact that Kelso and Jackie are unable to reconcile, he becomes a TV anchorman. Only Donna gave Eric the confidence to stand up for himself; as a result, he met Rhonda, had a workaholic tendencies, and was ridiculed by his spoiled younger brother Jake. Red’s servant Eric is still in place. Rock music starts to play on Fez. Ten years later, things have become worse.

Eric’s Hot Cousin (Season 4, Episode 14)

Penny in that 70s show
Pic By: IMDb

When Eric’s cousin Penny, whom he used to cruelly taunt when they were younger. She comes to visit, it turns out that she has grown. To the dismay of Donna and Jackie, all the males are crazy about her. Ineffective attempts by Jackie and Donna to outshine Penny in terms of hotness. Kitty wants to adopt a pet since she feels unwanted.

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