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Funny about sex might be tough. especially when they are discussing women’s bodies, sexual appetites, and the pleasure they seek. Thank You For Coming without apology strikes all these emotional chords and ensures that everyone has a pleasant conclusion. It’s frank, vulgar, relatable, and in many ways powerful as well.

About Thank You For Coming 

kanika in Thank You For Coming

Directed by Karan Boolani, “Thank You For Coming” sheds light on women’s suppressed sexual desires and the need to destigmatize discussions around it. The film goes beyond being a sex-positive comedy, striving to break down patriarchy and societal norms that constrain women. It challenges the constant judgment women face, advocating for their happiness in bed, relationships, and life overall.

Thank You For Coming Story

“Thank You For Coming” follows Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar), a 32-year-old who’s never experienced an orgasm. Born to a single mother (Natasha Rastogi), Kanika is determined not to follow in her mother’s footsteps, leading her on a relentless quest for the right man throughout her life. Through flashbacks, she recounts her three impactful but ultimately unsatisfying relationships and sexual encounters – one in school, one with a stable boyfriend, and one with an older man. Her pursuit of fulfillment remains unmet.

On her 30th birthday, amidst tears, Kanika confesses to her best friends Tina Das (played by Shibani Bedi) and Pallavi Khanna (portrayed by Dolly Singh) that she’s never experienced an orgasm. Over the next two years, Kanika navigates life, repeating mistakes, falling for the wrong partners, and picking herself up again. Despite her efforts, her search for the perfect lover remains fruitless. Frustrated by her lack of luck, she decides to engage with her longtime friend Jeevan Anand (played by Pradhuman Singh), who has harbored feelings for her. Her motivation? To check the “married” box on her life checklist.

kanika, tina & Dolly in thank you for coming

She invites all of her ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to her engagement party, dances her heart out, and while inebriated, enjoys the long-awaited climax. However, she only realized she couldn’t recall who she was with when she awoke the following morning. She then sets out on a search to discover the guy who gave her the present she had been seeking for a long time.

The nearly two-hour film manages to captivate and amuse viewers for the most part. Its witty dialogues and humorous execution shine through. However, the storyline occasionally veers off course, meandering before finding its way back on track. Co-authored by screenwriter Radhika Anand and stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh, “Thank You For Coming” struggles at times to convey a clear message, but I was pleasantly impressed by the makers’ intent. They infused this sex comedy with meaning, elevating it beyond mere slapstick humor, making it a pleasantly surprising and entertaining watch. “Thankfully, in the realm of sex comedies, ‘Thank You For Coming’ avoids the jarring use of slang or excessive vulgarity. While the script naturally includes sexual innuendos to set the tone and premise, it maintains a balance, never crossing the line into awkward or excessive territory.

Thank You For Coming: Core Moments

In a pivotal scene of the film, it is asserted that a significant portion of women, approximately 70%, have never experienced an orgasm due to the alleged inadequacy of 90% of men in their sexual endeavors. Regardless of the accuracy of these statistics, the film undeniably shatters boundaries and pioneers various aspects of storytelling. Bhumi Pednekar’s impeccable portrayal of Kanika underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of her craft, transcending the role of a mere prop. Her character exudes boldness, courage, and audacity, eliciting a profound sense of empathy from the audience. Kanika’s narrative of unmet desires and elusive orgasms strikes a chord with many, resonating powerfully.

In “Thank You For Coming,” Sushant Divgikr’s portrayal of Rahul, one of Bhumi’s love interests, truly stands out as a remarkable performance. Without giving away any spoilers, it’s clear that Sushant was a fantastic casting choice for his role. His character’s journey towards accepting his reality and imparting a message of fearlessness in life resonates deeply.

Rushi & Kanika Thank You For Coming

What’s refreshing about the film is that it goes beyond discussing intimate topics and also celebrates the intricacies of friendships. The enduring bond among the girl squad, composed of Kanika, Tina, and Pallavi, who have been friends since school, takes center stage in the narrative. Their comfort, camaraderie, and unwavering confidence in each other add depth to the storyline. Additionally, Shibani and Dolly not only showcase their acting talents but also engage in meaningful discussions, contributing to the film’s substance.

In “Thank You For Coming,” Sushant’s performance and the portrayal of female friendships are the film’s standout elements, making it a must-watch.

Shehnaaz Gill, Kusha Kapila, Karan Kundrra, and Anil Kapoor make delightful extended appearances in “Thank You For Coming,” seamlessly advancing the storyline. The Kapoor household, housing three remarkable women – Kanika, her gynecologist mother, and her feisty naani (Dolly Ahluwalia), is a constant source of laughter and warmth. Their interactions, whether conversing, squabbling, debating, or simply supporting each other, radiate genuine happiness.

Final Thoughts

The film gracefully addresses feminist themes without becoming didactic, allowing viewers to interpret it as they see fit. It’s an ideal watch for your girl gang and partners alike, offering hearty laughter and an opportunity to openly discuss what brings joy into your lives.

Thank You For Coming

A particularly moving climax scene features a poignant monologue between Kanika and her mother, encapsulating the film’s underlying message beautifully. “Thank You For Coming” encourages viewers to embrace its message in their own way, making it a refreshing and enjoyable cinematic experience for all.

Film: Thank You For Coming

Cast: Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Shibani Bedi, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Ahluwalia, Anil Kapoor, Sushant Divgikar, Karan Kundrra

Director: Karan Boolani

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Movie NameThank You For Coming  (2023)
StarringBhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Shibani Bedi, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Ahluwalia, Anil Kapoor, Sushant Divgikar, Karan Kundrra
DirectorKaran Boolani
Release date6 October 2023
LanguageOriginal: Hindi, Tamil-Telugu Hindi-dubbed
Movie Format720p, 480p, 1080p Full HD

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