Takeshi’s Castle Trailer Review: Bhuvan Bam In Indian Reboot

The eagerly anticipated trailer for the thrilling Indian revival of the venerable Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle was released by OTT behemoth Prime Video. The hilarious trailer gives the audience a sneak peek at what’s to come. The alter ego of actor and content producer Bhuvan Bam, “Titu Mama,” walks us through the structure of the nostalgic game show and presents us to the key characters, which includes the legendary Takeshi Kitano. The teaser features Bhuvan Bam as “Titu Mama” paying homage to the show’s veteran pundit and devoted fan favorite, Javed Jaffrey, while also making a reference to his classic movie, “Jajantaram Mamantaram.” The most recent addition to the Prime membership is Takeshi’s Castle.

Takeshi’s Castle Trailer Review

This all-new iteration of the beloved game show is back after a three-decade hiatus, and it has all the quirky, action-packed aspects of the original. Beginning on November 2, users in India will only be able to watch the first eight episodes of the new edition of Prime Video on Prime Video.

“Takeshi’s Castle has been an integral part of my formative years and the commentary by Javed sir is etched as a core memory that still cracks me up every time I think of it,” said actor and content producer Bhuvan Bam, who would be voicing the show as a commentator. I was ecstatic to be given the chance to participate in its revival, for this reason. I figured that Titu Mama from BB Ki Vines, with his desi accent, uncle-next-door charm, and distinct viewpoints, would be the ideal choice to offer commentary to this show’s revival as I previewed the new version, snippets of which can be seen in the trailer. I’m grateful that Prime Video offered me the opportunity to work on a show that I always turned to for comfort watching. I genuinely hope that the game-show revival and my narration in it will be treasured by the viewers.

Takeshi’s Castle Release Date

Takeshi’s Castle is available on Prime Video as part of their Great Indian Festival 2023 lineup. In addition, there are a number of other original series and blockbuster films available in several languages, as well as daily special discounts for the first 1000 customers who rent titles from the Prime Video store and “Diwali Special Offers” that provide customers with discounts of up to 50% on a number of Prime Video channels.

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