Taaza Khabar (2023): Bhuvan Bam’s Disney Debut Is Magical

Bhuvan Bam leave his light-hearted, clownish character for a more serious tone in his latest series on Disney+ Hotstar, Taaza Khabar. He has not, however, been able to fully eliminate it, which is a bonus because his humorous side is well-utilized in spots. Even though Taaza Khabar is the rags-to-riches tale of Vasant (Bhuvan Bam) and how the system is a tool for the rich and powerful, the programme is mostly concerned with amusement and does not take issues like class division and corruption seriously.


Vasya finds out his Vardan in Taaza Khabar
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Vasant, or Vasya as he is known to others in his chawl, works as a janitor. He has the right intentions at heart and longs to leave this life behind. He is fortunate enough to receive a vardaan (boon). Vasant sets out on a quest to live a luxurious existence. The heart of Taaza Khabar revolves around what he gains and loses. The six-episode series has a distinct vision and executes it without digression. It portrays a sympathetic universe of outcasts, each with their own challenges and aspirations, and it demonstrates how their lives change as time goes on.


The performance by Bhuvan Bam is direct. He truly inhabits the role, and he delivers it with authority. The two halves of his journey are the timid and terrified Vasant and the Vasant who begins to see himself as “God.” Bhuvan successfully captured all sides of the character, and the changeover was smooth. His performance stands out because it meshes with the story. Together with Bhuvan, Shriya Pilgaonkar as Madhu, Deven Bhojani as Mehboob Bhai, and Prathamesh Parab as Peter make up a funny and dynamic ensemble. However, the plot takes a predictable turn, which destroys the suspense halfway through. After a certain point, investing in Taaza Khabar becomes challenging, but with a little humour thrown in, you can get through the monotony and see it through to the conclusion. Each character has traits with the traditional hero, his sidekicks, a faithful girlfriend, and the “mother figure,” suggesting that Bollywood movies may have had an effect on the depiction. Another drawback of the show is this, which is difficult to overlook.

Vasya talking in Taaza Khabar
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The photography and soundtrack, in particular, help Taaza Khabar’s universe to appear remarkably authentic. The dialogue play is believable, but nothing special. They effectively complement the show but do not make it stand out. The appeal is in fusing the fantasies of these small-time city inhabitants with their aspirations for greatness. Taaza Khabar is exactly what you would expect it to be, neither more nor less. It moves along smoothly and concludes before losing momentum. This weekend, it will be fun to watch.


Vasya and his mother in Taaza Khabar
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Taaza Khabar does start out with promise. It doesn’t highlight Bam’s YouTube reputation. But it becomes mired in casting him as the “hero” rather than as an actor. It might have taken a different turn and described how information is interpreted. Perhaps Bam could have prevented a riot, stopped an assassination attempt on a politician, or rescued people from a natural disaster. Maybe I’m being too demanding.




Here’s The Trailer Of The Web Series

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