Sultan of Delhi Review: A Common Gangster Drama

Even while web series allow filmmakers to indulge their stereotypes, viewers’ patience has undoubtedly reached a breaking point. These days, the same tired tropes, needless skin-show, and fixation with gangsters have gotten so ingrained that one can guess where it will go even before a discovery happens. Expectations were high for Milan Luthria, the guy behind the powerful Once Upon a Time in Mumbai a decade ago, with Sultan of Delhi, the new series based on the same-titled book by Arnab Ray published in 2016. Unfortunately, everything collapses into a depressing jumble. Not even Tahir Raj Bhasin can rescue the terrible storytelling that is just theatrical and lacking in depth.

Sultan of Delhi Web Series Review

Co-directed by Milan Luthria and Suparn S Verma (whose The Trial was another kind of failure), Sultan of Delhi gets off to a promising and reckless start. We are introduced to Arjun (Ricky Patel), who must watch as his family is brutally massacred during the Partition. Together with his father, Bijay Anand, he makes it through the night and lands in Delhi. This marks the start of a new chapter in his life.

sultan of delhi review

However, the parts about the refugee camp are more like a narrative checklist than a lesson on how Arjun had to learn how to survive in this world. Ten years go by quickly, and we are introduced to Arjun—who is now an auto mechanic—all of a sudden. Tahir Raj Bhasin enters the scene with a polished haircut and a sophisticated body language. He soon finds himself working for Jagan Seth (Vinay Pathak) and establishing himself as a formidable leader. When you question why, you’re met with an absurdly orchestrated illicit ammo trade that results in several needless police officer killings. When you ask again, you get no response. As the episodes come, one realizes that it’s best to leave the inquiries outside.

About Sultan of Delhi

Here, Rajinder Pratap Singh (Nishant Dahiya), an aristocratic brat who would be better off handling his own father-related problems, is Arjun’s enemy. Shankari (Anupriya Goenka), who portrays the cunning mistress, stands by him. She is possibly the most hurriedly created character in a program that doesn’t care to comprehend them because of her bizarre, exposed attire.

sultan of delhi review

Midway through the performance, there is a completely needless piece that introduces Mouni Roy as a cabaret performer at a Calcutta nightclub. A few moments later, this leads to a preposterous bank robbery sequence. Arjun displays his commitment to a criminal by stripping in front of him in another bizarre scenario. In order to advance its plot, the show resorts to the worst kinds of stereotypes, which further exacerbates the sense of place and politics of the era. One such instance is the activist filmmaker Roy Babu, whose genius is demonstrated by his ability to carry out bank heists that he classifies as acts of rebellion!

Final Thoughts

Amid such narrative boredom, Tahir Raj Bhasin is given little to accomplish and no opportunity to develop his character. Every figure is portrayed by the audience in precisely the same way—that is, with shallow, clichéd brushstrokes that lack nuance. There’s no commitment to these environments, no will to stay there for the long haul. After nine episodes, one stops caring. The cheesy ending of this unimpressive adaption is about as redeeming as it gets.

Sultan of Delhi Release Date

Disney+ Hotstar started streaming Sultan of Delhi on October 13.

Web Series: Sultan  Of Delhi (2023)

Cast: Mehreen Pirzada, ‎Tahir Raj Bhasin, ‎Anupriya Goenka, ‎Mouni Roy

Director: Milan Luthria’s

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