Sita Ramam (2022): Love Story With Multiple Plot Twists

Sita Ramam is a visually stunning story of love and loss that stars Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur, and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles. The movie, Sita Ramam has all the elements to be considered a great love story. Sita Ramam is based on the 1960s and the 1980s switch with each other through out the movie. Sita Ramam begins with Afreen, a young Pakistani woman who in the 1980s burned the car of a prominent Indian politician in London out of patriotism. Afreen resists each and every Indian with a fierce hatred. She is a symbol of the hostility and enmity that developed between India and Pakistan following the partition. Afreen has no personal experience with Indians, so she has no reason to hate them. Brigadier Taariq, whose granddaughter she is, is definitely against her irrational hatred of the neighboring country.


Ansari, a militant Pakistani, disapproves of the friendly ties between Kashmir’s Muslims and Hindus in 1964. Afreen is a violent rabble-rouser from Pakistan who lives in London in 1985 and despises everything about India. In revenge for destroying Pakistan’s flag, she sets fire to the car of Indian philanthropist Anand Mehta. In his will, he requests that she convey a letter written in 1965 by Indian Army Lieutenant Ram to his lover, Sita Mahalakshmi of India, which he was unable to deliver.

Afreen unwillingly agrees to deliver the letter to her so that Tariq’s money might be handed on to her. In order to find Sita, Afreen travels to Hyderabad with Balaji, a senior at the university in London. She inquires about Sita with Subramaniyam, who has been employed there for more than 20 years. He explains to Afreen that Princess Noor Jahan gave the college, which used to be the Nawab of Hyderabad’s royal residence, for the sake of girls’ education.

Also, he says that no one by the name of Sita was present. Afreen is clueless and unable to locate Sita without any information. Vikas Varma served in Kashmir with Ram’s regiment. Afreen visits Ram’s friend Durjoy Sharma and superior Vishnu Sharma after meeting Vikas and learns about Ram’s life.

Ansari, who sent teenagers to Kashmir in 1964, tells them where the Indian Army is located. After learning about the Pakistani youths, Major Selvan commands the army to apprehend and execute them since they constitute a threat to the safety of the Indians in Kashmir but their plan, however, fails as local Kashmiri Muslims attacked each soldier who was to blame for the children’s deaths since they believed the youngsters to be their own. Ansari enters Kashmir knowing this would occur and brainwashes the Muslims there.

In Agarta, furious Muslims set fire to Kashmiri Pandits’ homes. Ram tries to halt them as he captures the informant and tells the Kashmiri Muslims the truth after learning they are being controlled by Ansari. They apologise for trying to create a religious riot after learning the truth and help the Indian Army in putting the fires. One of them is a letter that Sita Mahalakshmi wrote to him in the role of her husband.

He learns that the phone has been dead for a week when he reaches to his friend Durjoy Sharma’s home. Once more, Sita leaves without giving him with an address.

Ram sees Sita’s friend during a magic show where he is looking for her, and she tells him that Sita has been writing him several letters but has only posted a small number of them. He learns that Sita is a dance teacher who lives in Hyderabad’s Princess Noor Jahan’s palace and teaches the princess in Kathak. With Subramaniyam’s help, he enters the palace and meets Sita. Later, Ram leaves for Kashmir after leaving Sita off at the palace.

Sita tells her brother of the news’ validity and breaks off their alliance. For Ram, she goes for Kashmir. They interact for a while, and Noor gets to know Ram’s friends in the role of Sita. At dinner, they meet Vishnu Sharma and his family.

Ram promises the child that he will free Waheeda, his younger sister, from Ansari.

Ram is found guilty of betraying his nation, and the bases of the Indian army in Kashmir are taken out. Before being executed, Ram requests that the Brigadier deliver a letter he had written to Sita. Afreen learns that the Brigadier was Tariq in 1985. In fact, Afreen herself is the child whose life Ram saved during the fire.

When Afreen delivers the letter to Sita via Balaji where he conveys Ram’s sadness as well as the newspaper item about “Princess Noor Jahan of Hyderabad falling in love with a humble man” that was included in the letter. Ram was aware of Sita’s true faith, Islam, as both Afreen and Balaji are aware, but he showed little interest in it. Sita is able to establish Ram’s innocence, leading to the restoration of his name and respect within the Indian Army.


With Sita Ramam, Dulquer Salmaan proves his value yet again. Lieutenant Ram comes to life thanks to him. He has a good image, and his screen presence is strong. He performs them well, whether they are romantic or emotional scenes.
Mrunal Thakur is the surprise in this instance. Mrunal performs a breathtaking Telugu debut. She performed with ease and looked stunning in sarees. She will definitely have a successful future.The chemistry between the lead actors was clearly visible in the scenes with them. The song has a lot of depth. You’ll feel moved by some scenes.

The author skillfully interweaves the characters of Sumanth and Rashmika into this narrative They excelled in the duties that were important to them. The film made a few remarkable important twists.

Few speeches are as succinct and impactful as this one. The movie is outstanding in the second half. A superb method of incorporating the topic of war into the love narrative. The writing group produced excellent work.

The film moves slowly in the first half of the storyline. The actual plot took the director longer to develop. The story is well-set up but it takes up more screen time. By cutting the length to keep the film’s pace, the editing team may have done an even greater job. The humor in the movie seems a little strange. Even if it makes people laugh it seems like it is not crucial to the plot with a few logical errors exist and one example is a character who hasn’t changed much in 20 years and still looks the same.

Some people might not enjoy the film’s topic. The songs sometimes act as speed bumps that disrupt the film’s pace. The movie sometimes unfolds slowly, making it seem long. In Sita Ramam, Dulquer and Mrunal stole the show. For a movie like this to succeed, the actors must be emotionally invested in the story of the people, and they do an excellent job of doing that. They give their characters life, and it helps that Mrunal looks stunning throughout the movie. While Vennela Kishore and Murli Sharma are hilarious, Rashmika, Tharun, Sachin, and Sumanth perform adequately. Many talented performers, like Priyadarshi, Rahul Ravindran, Tinu Anand, and Gautam Vasudev Menon, make brief appearances in the movie that are effective for it. Vishal Chandrasekhar’s score, PS Vinod’s cinematography, and Shreyaas Krishna’s photography all significantly contribute to bringing Sita Ramam’s universe to life.


Overall, Sita Ramam is a wonderful, enchanting love story as both the first and second half of the film are top-notch. You will feel sad and heartwarming thanks to the brilliant performances by the entire lead cast, the entertaining story and the creative writing. The simple love story and battle that are the focus of the movie might not be all that compelling. The movie is not without faults, though, since there may be logical inconsistencies that bug you after you’ve enjoyed it all for a while. Not to add, Sita Ramam really doesn’t get going until a specific sequence results in Ram receiving a deluge of letters from people all throughout the nation who were moved enough to reach out to a complete stranger. You gain knowledge about Ram and Sita like Afreen does.

In contrast, if you pay close enough attention, you can kind of predict everything that happens along the way, including Sita, Vishnu (Sumanth), a fellow soldier who always seemed envious of Ram, and even Afreen. However, the way the story develops assumes that you couldn’t have predicted anything about any of these characters. The fact that Hanu makes an effort to tie up all the loose ends and provides Afreen, Balaji, and us with sufficient explanations is commendable, but it also means that some unanswered issues remain.

Almost all of the sections performed excellently but without a doubt you can watch this film. It’s worth every penny you spend. This film does become overly predictable and branches off at one point, but Sita Ramam’s emotion stays in the proper place at all times and steers the ship. But the good news is that the filmmakers also pay attention to the world around the love story. In Afreen, they mould every young mind such that they believe their religion is superior and that the other country and its people are evil. It addresses the “them & us” phenomenon.



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