Silent Night Trailer Review: A Christmas Action Thriller

After making its cinematic debut this past weekend, the brand-new action-thriller Silent Night from action master John Woo has released its official trailer online.

The title of the movie refers to both the holiday atmosphere as well as the fact that Silent Night is a primarily dialogue-free film. The teaser lacks conversation as well, concentrating solely on the intense action and savage violence that John Woo is known for.

Silent Night, which has been given a “R” rating for “Strong bloody violence, drug use, and some language,” will hit theaters on December 1.

Joel Kinnaman (The Suicide Squad), Scott Mescudi (X), Harold Torres, and Catalina Sandino Moreno are among the cast members of the Capstone Studios and Thunder Road Films production Silent Night.

Silent Night Trailer Review

In the story Silent Night by Robert Archer Lynn (Prisoner, Deadbox), “a grieving father enacts his long-awaited revenge against a ruthless gang on Christmas Eve.”

Very interesting movie, John Woo told Vulture. “There is no conversation throughout the entire film. I was able to use pictures to illustrate the story and convey the emotions of the characters. Instead of utilizing language, we are employing music. The focus of the film is on sound and vision. Although the schedule and the money were somewhat constrained, I was forced to alter my working method. We often shoot a lot of coverage for a large movie, a studio movie, and then leave it to the cutting room. However, I tried to blend the many elements in this film without using any coverage shots. I had to coerce myself into employing a novel method. Some scenes took me two or three pages to do, but I completed it all at once.”

The debut trailer for the movie makes great use of Kinnaman’s wordless rage by speaking instead through the sounds of action movies, such as screeching tires, shooting, and much of Kinnaman reloading.

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