Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Trailer Review | Cinegenics

DreamWorks Animation will release the new Puss in Boots movie in December. as part of its ongoing effort to expand the Shrek. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has released its newest trailer. 

The always endearing Puss (Antonio Banderas) learns in this latest adventure that his love of adventure and contempt for safety have taken a toll. He had nine lives, but he had used up eight of them, and he had lost track. He will embark on his most ambitious mission yet if he can get those lives back.

In order to recover his lost lives, he will have to embark on a heroic adventure into the Black Forest in search of the mythical Wishing Star. But, with only one life remaining, Puss will have to beg for assistance from his former partner and rival, the appealing Kitty Soft Paws (Salma Hayek).

Despite their better judgement, Perrito (Harvey Guillén), a scruffy, gregarious, and incessantly joyful dog, will help Puss and Kitty in their search. In order to defeat Goldilocks (Florence Pugh), the Three Bears Crime Family (Ray Winstone, Olivia Colman, and Samson Kayo), “Big” Jack Horner (John Mulaney), and the fearsome bounty hunter The Big Bad Wolf, our trio of heroes will need to work together (Wagner Moura).

After making his debut in the huge success sequel Shrek 2, the character’s first spin-off film, Puss in Boots, debuted in 2011. A big hit, the 2011 blockbuster brought in more than $550 million globally. There had to be a follow-up, but it took a while to get rolling, and during the past 11 years, its expected publication date had been postponed numerous times.

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