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“Like warriors, we fight, kill, and die like warriors.” The opening sequence of Ishaan Khatter‘s Pippa trailer makes a strong statement. In the role of Captain Balram Mehta, the actor portrays an Indian Army soldier who is in charge of his platoon after India launches war on Pakistan in support of Bangladesh’s independence movement. helmed by Raja Menon, who returned with his forte—love for the country—after delivering a stirring patriotic tale in Airlift. Pippa, who is produced by RSVP Films, finds motivation in a real-life hero. 

Pippa Trailer Review

The 2-minute, 26-second teaser for Pippa, which will debut on Amazon Prime Video India, opens with Indira Gandhi’s voice announcing war on Pakistan. Ishaan Khatter, Priyanshu Painyuli, Mrunal Thakur, and Soni Razdan also provide a fascinating look into the private life of army families as the troops prepare for battle. But is the trailer functional? Yes, in certain sections; in other sections, it assumes a significant risk of delivering a low-key and more realistic military drama. However, depictions of Army soldiers and warfare in especially have always been loud, with men yelling, “How’s the josh?” and drums booming in the background. Surprisingly, Pippa breaks the caricatured style of army movies from Border to Uri.

ishaan khattar in Pippa

Ishaan Khatter, with his somewhat humble personality, is a risk the directors have made, intentionally or not; only time will tell. While bulked-up guys have starred in the war films, this one is different. Even with a composer as talented as AR Rahman on board, the trailer’s soundtrack doesn’t seem to stand out. If Rahman had not been so firmly mentioned in the credits, we never would have noticed.

About Pippa

Rahman’s music excels because it develops over time. Will that work, though, in a war movie, which requires a certain amount of intensity and chest-thumping? We’re not quite certain. It would be shocking if he worked magic on this one. As of right now, the trailer only features brief clips from a single song that doesn’t really grab the viewer’s interest or seem to fit the mold of a military drama.

mrunal and Soni Razdan in Pippa

Strong lines that keep soldiers motivated on the battlefield are another highlight of a combat movie, but the Pippa trailer is devoid of them. While Pippa’s meaning and how India won the war may make this a compelling and significant story to convey, the trailer’s brief appearance offers little to satisfy viewers’ appetites for war movies, which is likely a reflex. There are many hits and many misses in the Pippa trailer. We do, however, hope that it’s an effort to deviate from the formulaic Bollywood war pictures. If it happens, which at this point appears to be the very least possible, it would be a positive step and mark Ishaan Khatter’s triumphant debut as an Army officer!

Pippa Release Date

On November 10, Pippa will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

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