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After much anticipation, the Pathaan trailer featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham is officially out. For every SRK admirer who has been waiting for him to impress us on the big screen since 2018, the Siddharth Anand-directed film seems to be a gift. Pathaan will be released on January 25 in theatres.

Here’s the trailer of the movie:

Dimple Kapadia’s voiceover in the trailer’s opening narration explains the objective of a private terror squad headed by John Abraham against India. In order to defeat him, Pathaan must put a stop to his “vanvaas” (exile). At this point, Shah Rukh makes an appearance as Pathaan and delivers some challenging lines, such as “Party pathaan ke ghar rakhoge toh mehmaannawazi ke liye Pathaan toh aayega, aur pathaake bhi layega.” The worst part is that this is the only scene when we get to see SRK’s stuff. We only get a few John and Deepika moments the rest of the time. Salman Khan is conspicuously absent, and it seems that YRF will withhold information about his attendance.

Both for good and bad, Pathaan has been making a lot of noise. The teaser for the movie debuted in November of last year to celebrate Shah Rukh’s 57th birthday. It heightened public anticipation. “Besharam Rang,” the opening track from the film, was made public on December 12 and instantly generated issues. The crowd criticised the song for its uninspiring dancing and the debate centred on the colour of Deepika’s clothes. There have been demonstrations against the film’s distribution in several areas of the nation.

The actors and director of the movie have declined to comment on the issue, but during the Kolkata International Film Festival, he spoke about hostility on social media. He said, “Social media is usually provided by a certain forced narrowness of view that restricts human nature to its baser self,” without directly mentioning Pathaan. I’ve read that negativity boosts social media usage, which also boosts the platform’s market worth. Such endeavours confine the communal narrative, which causes it to be polarising and harmful. He said, “No matter what, individuals like us will stay positive,” in reference to how movies promotes harmony and togetherness.

Movie enthusiasts have expressed interest in John’s appearance as well as Shah Rukh’s. John Abraham is THE adversary, THE villain of Pathaan. Siddharth had stated in a statement when discussing John’s appearance in the movie. And I have always held the view that the villain’s projection should be at least as large as the hero’s. Only when the evil is enormous can they engage in a dramatic struggle. And when SRK faces John, we witness an amazing conflict! We want to show John as a very stylish avatar.

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