Pathaan (2023): An Outrageously Chaotic International Spy Thriller

The entertaining action spy film “Pathaan” is perhaps the greatest fun you can have at the movies right now throughout its runtime. Whoops broke out in the crowded London theatre where I saw it on opening night as soon as Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. He emerged on screen, his face crushed to a pulp and looking up through a bleeding swollen half-shut eye. YRF Agent Universe’s latest instalment portrays Khan as Pathaan, a James Bond-like agent who is forced out of retirement to take on Outfit X, a transnational terrorist organisation.


SRK in Pathaan
Pic By: IMDb

Numerous spies, sarcastic RAW directors, wicked ISI generals, and armed terrorists living in hotspots across the world are all involved in the scheme. Pakistan is refocusing on Kashmir (it will never learn, will it). Jim, an inhabitant of India, has abandoned ship. Rubina, a stunning ISI agent, looks equally at home in a bikini and skin-tight spandex. Top-secret labs are developing a deadly virus that is far more horrible than Covid 19. However, you may relax because Pathaan, the best and bravest Indian, is nearby.


The scenes where you force a yawn are where you can see the difficulty in pulling off a two and a half hour film. To make sure nothing is missed, Pathaan and Jim pursue each other around winding roads, battle in the air, skim across ice floes, and dive into frigid water. There is some laugh-out-loud silly material, which is standard for this sort of movie. Additionally, it gets boring hearing about “Pathaan” in the third person. We were efficient the first time.

Pathaan and Rubina in Pathaan
Pic By: India Today

There truly isn’t much new about it, but there’s no denying that seeing Pathaan and Rubina swaying and staring into one other’s eyes on a Spanish beach is more exciting than boring. But let me comfort those who are concerned: alas, nothing besharam occurs even when there is just a pistol between them.

The movie comes out at a time when SRK and Bollywood are under attack. It’s noteworthy that the celebrity chooses not to go the safer Rahul/Raj route in these circumstances. He is out there, asserting his roots and the professional persona. He has worked so hard to develop over the course of almost thirty years. In order to do this, authors Sridhar Raghavan and Abbas Tyrewala develop lines. They are meta and humorous while also serving the actual and true character. 


pathaan and Tiger
Pic By: India Today

The release of the film coincides with SRK and Bollywood coming under fire. It’s interesting that the famous person decides against taking the safer Rahul/Raj path in this situation. He is putting himself out there, defending his heritage and the professional identity. He has worked so hard over the course of over thirty years to create. Authors Sridhar Raghavan and Abbas Tyrewala create meta and hilarious phrases. They also serve the real and authentic character in order to do this.





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