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Outer Banks, a Netflix drama series, will premiere its third season on February 23, 2023 for which the trailer was released yesterday. The underdog group learns that a tranquil existence in their newly discovered desert paradise. Dubbed “Poguelandia,” won’t last for very long. The friends are once again on the run from Ward (Charles Esten) and Rafe (Drew Starkey) after finding a sought-after golden idol. Yet the villainous father-son duo appear to be having problems of their own.

Rafe says Ward in the new video, “Dad, I don’t need you anymore.” The trailer also features an emotional reunion between John B (Chase Stokes) and his father, Big John (Charles Halford). Who was last seen alive at the end of season two, as well as Kiara being kept captive by Carlos. There are hints of a romance between Kiara and JJ as well as Sarah and Topper (Austin North) (Rudy Pankow).

The Outer Banks cast also includes Stokes, Cline, Pankow, Bailey, Esten, Starkey, and North. As well as Jonathan Daviss (Pope) and Carlacia Grant (Cleo). The actors shared hints about what to expect from the upcoming season of the series. Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke developed this at a panel at the Sun Valley Film Festival.

Regarding what to anticipate, Cline joked, “I guess it’s adrenaline.” It will be just as thrilling as always. Although he acknowledged some change, Pankow said, “There is the same kind of feeling, where it’s going to be high-adrenaline, high-octane — but new shades.”

In her interview with THR, Cline also discussed how she developed a sense of comfort apart from her Outer Banks family while acting in the recently released Netflix film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. For herself, she continued, “I walked on to Knives Out, and I felt a little bit weird.” I thought, “Oh, I haven’t done this in a while. However, it was still enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Season three of Outer Banks debuts on Netflix on February 23.

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