November 2022: Top 10 Movies and Web Series

November was full of movies and web series, from Letitia Wright’s Black Panther to Abhishek Bachchan starrer Breathe: Into The Shadows. There was something new releasing every weekend. Here’s the Top 10 movies and web series lists of every movie and web series that are must-see!


The heart of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the sequel to the wildly successful “Black Panther,” is genuine, even though the whole thing has a staged feel to it. The rituals start with King T’Challa’s recent death and funeral. Following the black casket with the crossed arms of the Wakanda salute and the silver symbol of the Black Panther mask, Shuri (Letitia Wright) and Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) are clothed in white.
movies and web series: black panther: wakanda forever
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Slow-motion tracking views of dancers joyfully dancing in honour of their murdered monarch provide as a stark contrast to their sad parade as it winds across the country. We segue to an intense, tearful montage of Boseman as T’Challa as the coffin arrives at a clearing and ceremoniously soars to the sky. The melancholy, depressing stream of images quickly takes the shape of the “Marvel Studios” emblem, indicating that this is still a Marvel film. And “Wakanda Forever” suffers as a result.


movies and web series: Tanaav
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Senior secret forces official Manav Vij recruits retired Special Task Group (STG) officer Kabir Farooqi to help him find feared terrorist Umar Riaz alias Panther (Sumit Kaul), who was believed to have died but is still alive. This starts a fascinating cat-and-mouse game between the team and him that ultimately serves as the plot’s core. Watch Tanaav now!


movies and web series: bhediya
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Bhaskar, a road builder, travels to Arunachal Pradesh to construct a highway through the deep Ziro jungle. Along with resistance from the tribes, he and his friends, cousin JD and friend Jobin, face a greater obstacle. Soon after Bhaskar is bitten by a wild animal, a slew of unanticipated deaths occur. Is it a product of someone’s mind or is it a mythical werewolf that actually exists?


movies and web series: 1899
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It’s always fascinating to observe how writers skillfully create a broader world while skillfully weaving a gripping tale that intensifies tension. The pace typically creeps up gradually over a few episodes in these long-form thrillers, like Westworld and Stranger Things, before peaking in the end for a grand finale. 1899, which comes from the minds behind Dark, kicks off with a tense episode and doesn’t let up. It makes sense to be weary of such stuff because they also lose their appeal rapidly. Surprisingly, despite a few missteps, 1899 maintains its grip the entire time.


movies and web series: uunchai
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To fulfil the dream of their late friend Bhupen, whose heart belonged to the Everest, three closest friends in their 70s—famous novelist Amit (Amitabh Bachchan), Javed (Boman Irani), and Om (Anupam Kher)—decide to hike to the Everest Base Camp.


movies and web series: Breathe: into the shadows
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Avinash Sabharwal’s alter ego, J, awakens from a three-year hibernation and escapes the mental hospital to get retribution on everyone who had tortured the former. His accomplice is Victor, a fellow prisoner. Avinash/J, known as the “Ravan Killer,” constantly pushing people aside in order to cut off Ravan’s 10 symbolic heads. Kabir Sawant does all in his power to stop him, but will he succeed?


movies and web series: double xl
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In London, two women who were burdened by body shame and cultural pressure set out to pursue their aspirations despite all barriers. Will they be successful or will they be hindered by expectations and roadblocks?


movies and web series: drishyam 2
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Seven years after the incident, Vijay Salgaonkar and his family are still plagued by the terror and agony of it. How long can the truth be kept hidden when the police are using fresh tactics to crack the case? Can Vijay once more save his family and himself? Watching Drishyam 2 clears it all


movies and web series: inside job
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The first season of Inside Job ended on a cliffhanger, with Randall (Christian Slater) being restored as the CEO of Cognito Inc. by the Shadow Board. Season 2 begins up immediately after that. The Shadow Board informs Reagan (Lizzy Caplan) that she will not continue to lead Cognito since she was responsible for the havoc that occurred.


movies and web series: sixer
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In order to improve their chances of winning the neighbourhood tennis ball cricket championship, a mismatched group of cricket players teams together, overcoming individual challenges and supporting one another.

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