MasterPeace Review: Kind Of Enjoyable!

The trailer and accompanying advertising materials for “Masterpeace” gave the impression that movie would be an oddball romantic comedy with extravagant performances. You can get a sense of the theme of “Masterpeace” from the first of the five episodes. Has Sreejith’s performance of “Masterpeace” touched a nerve with the audience? Let’s investigate!

Master Peace Review

A married couple named Riya (Nithya Menen) and Binoy (Sharaf U Dheen) are dealing with personal issues. The pair is shown fighting angrily in the opening minutes, with Riya threatening Binoy with a knife. After learning about the issue, both parents decide to visit Riya and Binoy’s home in an attempt to “work out” their problems.

Master peace Review

Aniyamma (Maala Parvathii), the mother of Binoy, and Kurien, also known as Kuriyachan (Ashokan), the father of Riya, are typical examples of toxic parents who demand that their kids do as they like. In addition, Kuriyachan and Aniyamma never stop trying to prove that their castes are superior. Lisamma, the mother of Riya, and Chandichan are trapped in a terrible marriage where their domineering partners make them submit.

About Master Peace

Three couples’ lives are glimpsed in “Masterpeace,” and it becomes clear that they are not as content or prosperous as they seem. Sreejith, the director, had a strong screenplay with several problems. Two people with disparate cultural upbringings, Riya and Binoy, come together to support their marriage. Their communication is essential, and when it breaks down, issues arise.

Masterpeace Review

Couples like Kuriyachan-Lisamma and Aniyamma-Chandichan serve as a reminder of many who stay together despite being unhappy in their marriages, mostly as a result of social pressures, personal convictions, and related taboos. As the show goes on, you get used to the extravagant setting and reactions, even though the first episode is a little disturbing at first. The parents discover more about each other on what ends as being a trip that brings them closer together. Many viewers may relate to the character arcs in all three relationships since they are so timely.

Having said that, “Masterpeace” is a five-episode program that goes too far. You become impatient with some of the scenarios since they are repeating. The performances are a major part of the movie, and none of them fall flat. As Riya and Binoy, Nithya and Sharaf are flawless, but Ashokan and Maala Parvathi win for being the most sexist and pious parents. Shanthi Krishna achieves perfection even in the smallest of expressions. As an empathetic father, Renji Panicker is ideal. Not to be overlooked is Father Savourias’ (Jude Anthany Joseph) performance, which is the main source of all the problems.

Final Thoughts

“Masterpeace” is all about theatrical facial expressions and comedic circumstances. The lengthy narrative makes some parts laugh out loud, but it makes other parts uninspiring. Removing a small portion would have produced the intended effect.

Master Peace Release Date

Disney+ Hotstar started streaming Master Peace on October 25, 2023.

Web Series: Master Peace (2023)

Cast: Nithya Menen, Maala Parvathi, Roshan Mathew

Director: Manju Mandavya

Master Peace Public Review

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