Mansion 24 Review: A Disastrous Thriller

Ohmkar entered the film industry after being well-known as a top anchor on popular series including Maayadweepam, Ata, and Sixth Sense. He was the director of the well-known Raju Gari Gadi horror film series. He is returning to enthrall audiences with his latest creation, a horror web series called Mansion 24, after a lengthy break.

The teaser and trailer for the web series have created a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation among die-hard moviegoers. Disney+Hotstar is now offering “Mansion 24” for streaming, with a ton of suspense and spine-tingling thrills guaranteed. Come explore this mysterious mansion and experience the spine-tingling thrills it has in store for us.

Mansion 24 Web Series Review

Mansion 24 tells a gripping story about a young woman who is desperate to establish her father’s innocence. Amrutha (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar), whose father Kalidas (Satyaraj) is wrongfully accused of being a traitor, sets out on this difficult task.

Notwithstanding the residents’ adamant warnings, Amrutha’s relentless determination brings her to a deserted mansion. Here, she meets Ramesh, the mansion’s watchman, who is privy to important information regarding the mystery that is developing.

Mansion 24

The fascinating links between the mansion’s occupants are revealed as the story progresses. Room No. 504 belongs to writer Chaturvedi (Srimaan), and Room No. 203 is occupied by Swapna (Avika Gor). Room No. 605 is occupied by Inmate Rajiv Kanakala and his spouse Radha (Abhinaya), whereas Room No. 409 is occupied by Inmate Archana Jose. Room No. 307 is home to famous figures like Sultana Begum (Bindu Madhavi) and Lilli (Nandu).

The story takes unexpected turns, exposing a network of relationships that are necessary to uncover a stunning and exciting turn. “Mansion 24” follows Amrutha as she explores this mysterious estate in an attempt to discover the truth about her father’s purported betrayal. It is a thrilling adventure full of mystery, intrigue, and tension.

About Mansion 24 

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar gave a passionate performance that demonstrated her versatility as an expressive artist. Her body language was perfect for the role; it captured the anguish and sorrow of a young girl searching for her father, who had been wrongfully accused of being a traitor. But even with her admirable attempts, there were times when she found it difficult to use her performance to really bring the scenes to life. Moreover, although her character’s silence was necessary for the story, there were moments when it caused a gulf between her and the audience. Not every viewer may find her character’s heavy Tamil influence to be very appealing.

Mansion 24 Web series review

Rao Ramesh did a great job in his watchman role. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given enough chances to show off his acting prowess, which left the audience wanting more. Even though Sathyaraj performed the part well, it felt a little repetitive and constrained. However, Nandu skillfully showcased his abilities, delivering a believable portrayal of a merciless figure. Even with their limited screen time, Avika Gor, Abhinaya, and Archana were able to leave a lasting impression in their parts.

Mansion 24 Review

Rao Ramesh did a great job in his watchman role. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given enough chances to show off his acting prowess, which left the audience wanting more. Even though Sathyaraj performed the part well, it felt a little repetitive and constrained. However, Nandu demonstrated his skill effectively.Mansion 24 emerges as a humorous interpretation of horror movies or internet shows. Sadly, Ohmkar falls short in delivering the finished product, after having first aroused curiosity with fascinating teasers and trailers. The narrative turns out to be weak, and the issues only get worse after that. It is inevitable that viewers would be reminded of numerous popular movies in different languages, and to make matters worse, not a single character arc is given enough depth.

Mansion 24 actually seems to be a scene-by-scene recreation of The Grotesque Mansion, a Korean horror anthology film starring Kim Hong-pa, Kim Bo-ra, and Sung Joon. But Ohmkar dilutes everything to the point that it almost becomes indistinguishable. Though he meant it to be inventive, his attempt to add a “missing father” aspect eventually backfires. Ohmkar’s attempt to instill fear is unsuccessful, mostly because of the poor visual effects.

Mansion 24 Review

Ohmkar’s attitude altered, which is regrettable, following the minor success of “Raju Gari Gadi.” Filmmakers that value the opinions and support of moviegoers should be appreciated by them. The fact that “Mansion 24” seems to have let many people down highlights how crucial it is to maintain a relationship with your audience and provide high-quality content.

Ohmkar seems to have lost his mind, grown conceited, and begun to take moviegoers for granted despite Raju Gari Gadi’s lukewarm box office performance. Sadly, Mansion 24 proves to be a sensory insult to moviegoers.

Ohmkar’s screenplay, directing, writing, storyline, and screenplay are all lacking, leaving a lot to be desired. The terrible Mansion 24 Casualty is the outcome of his obviously careless approach.

Mansion 24 Release Date

Disney+ Hotstar started streaming Master Peace on October 17, 2023.

Web Series: Mansion 24 (2023)

Cast: Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Sathyaraj, Tulasi, Avika Gor, Manas, Nandu, Bindu Madhavi, Abhinaya

Director: Ohmkar

Mansion 24 Public Review

Mansion 24 Trailer

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