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The Railway Men highlights the events that took place in Bhopal, which became a gas chamber after 40 tons of methyl isocyanate spilled from the Union Carbide plant on the evening of December 2, 1984, one of the deadliest industrial disasters in history occurred. According to official data from the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, 3,800 people—most of whom resided in the “basti” next to the factory—died that night. However, unconfirmed reports place the death toll far higher.

By daylight, hospitals were filled to capacity with patients suffering from burned eyes and constricted chests, and the streets were covered in the bodies of both humans and animals.

r. madhavan in railway men

After almost 40 years, Bhopal is still recovering from the devastating blow inflicted by the ruthlessly avaricious US business that controlled the pesticide facility and persistently denied any responsibility for its actions. Equally guilty were those who chose to ignore the startlingly lax safety regulations the facility had been working under: UCC CEO Warren Anderson, who was detained as soon as he arrived in India following the spill, ran away, and never came back. Furthermore, the victims’ compensation has remained meager after decades of court fighting.

For its first web series, Yashraj Films has tackled a serious topic by telling us “the untold story” of a group of people who risked their lives to save hundreds of people that fatal night. The show’s opening credits state that it “is a work of fiction, inspired by real events,” but the facts are undeniable: the Carbide factory’s malfunctioning machinery caused the MIC gas to leak, which in turn claimed thousands of innocent lives that night. There is no reference to any source material; the credits place the death toll at fifteen thousand.

The Railway Men Web Series Review

The Railway Men tells the story of a few Northern Railway officials and some alert locals who were among the first to recognize the seriousness of the situation and who, in the face of overwhelming odds, rebelled against the red tape and apathy that are so fundamental to a massive “sarkaari” organization. Through their diligence, they exposed the Delhi babus who, rather of exerting every effort to rescue Bhopal, illegally squandered valuable time by shifting the blame and assigning blame elsewhere.

Divyenndu is a crook who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kay Kay Menon plays the stationmaster in charge of Bhopal Junction, Babil Khan is an ex-Carbide employee starting a new job at the station, and R Madhavan is a top Railways official who transforms his own locomotive, the GM special, into a rescue missile in the Shiv Rawail-directed series. Aayush Gupta wrote the screenplay.

kay kay in railway men

Each of the four episodes lasts for almost an hour. The story is divided into several threads and jumps around in time. It begins with a marriage and the bride’s mother running out of money at a critical moment; it then shows a scared Sikh family fleeing from a group of assassins on a train bound for Bhopal (Indira Gandhi had been assassinated only a month earlier and vengeful mobs were still at large); and it closes with a cunning con man eyeing a trunk full of cash in the station locker.

It flashes back to 1970, when an American scientist was ordered to stop speaking about the gas’s dangers. It then leaps back to the present, when the Bhopal plant’s systems are failing quickly and there are only a few hours left before the leak occurs. One of the most moving scenes in the series is a flashback to 1996, where Sunny Hinduja, the local journalist who was there that night, gets reconnected with a pregnant mother he had assisted in getting to the hospital.

divyendu in railway men

A fearless railway guard (Rahgubir Yadav) bent on defending a mother (Mandira Bedi) and son from a lynch mob, an estranged couple putting aside their differences to come together for Mission Bhopal, a climactic mournful song as the city mourns its dead—these are just a few of the clichés that the plot occasionally falls back on in an attempt to heighten the drama. The Americans, portrayed by actors, are never convincing enough; they try to convey strong emotions by barking or dodging commands.

The Railway Men Performances

But practically all of the lead performances are strong, even when the script is emphasized in certain places. Filming the Bhopal gas tragedy was not unfamiliar to Kay Kay, who played a Carbide employee who saves his wife’s life in the 1999 film “Bhopal Express.” He did a fantastic job in the first movie; now, he plays a great stationmaster who uses his limited resources to the fullest, valuing integrity above all else. Although Babil’s blue-collar worker persona exhibits a glimmer of understanding and puts all of his effort into doing the right thing, he is now a trustworthy actor to keep an eye out for. Though both Madhavan’s “Rati Pandey, GM, Northern Railways” and Chawla’s virtuous bureaucrat Rajeshwari Jangla are a little bland, they both subjugate their celebrity status for the sake of the narrative. Divyenndu excels because he brings the ideal amount of drama and reality to his “filmi” role as the “chor,” who has his “dil” in the proper spot. Furthermore, a lot of the supporting performers are so excellent that you wish they could have done more.

The Railway Men Final Thoughts

All things considered, The Railway Men is a commendable attempt that revives a grand, bygone period of narrative about a topic that is still important but that we run the risk of forgetting. It also reminds me of a syncretic India, where the deadly gas did not distinguish between people based on their caste, class, or religion, and those performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at great personal danger did not stop to inquire as to whether the victim was Muslim or Hindu.

Babil Khan in railway men

Have any lessons been learned? It would seem not, based on the ongoing destruction of our ecosystem and the growing leniency of the rules around power and fur.

The Railway Men cast

The Railway Men cast features Mandira Bedi, R Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Rahgubir Yadav, Divyenndu, Babil Khan

The Railway Men director

The director of The Railway Men is Shiv Rawail 

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The Railway Men (2023)


Mandira Bedi, R Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Rahgubir Yadav, Divyenndu, Babil Khan


Shiv Rawail



Release date

18 November 2023




Original: Hindi, Telugu Dubbed, Tamil dubbed, Tamil-Telugu 

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720p, 480p, 1080p Full HD

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