Leo Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay best performance

Through four films, you have seen the inspirational development of a filmmaker. Naturally, the pre-release drama, fan theories, ticket excitement, and all of that is absorbed into you. To create precisely the proper expectations, you have rearranged all the facts like a jigsaw. But when you enter Leo, you may forget all of it and experience ecstasy, which can lead to a belief in a filmmaker’s idea because of the trust and goodwill he has gained.

Unfortunately, the trust is occasionally put to the test. A test of faith is presented to Lokesh and his viewers in Leo, starring Vijay. He makes a brilliant attempt to retell David Cronenberg’s 2005 movie A History of Violence, which tells the tale of a small-town family guy who is compelled to put up a valiant battle against vile thugs who are out for his blood. It’s a worn-out routine, with elements of even Vijay’s own Theridirected by Atlee, but in the hands of a director who also worked on Kaithi and Vikram, the story finds a new opportunity to be stretched to the maximum and turn into a Lokesh Kanagaraj actioner in its entirety.

Leo Movie Review

With a lot of filmmaking rage, Lokesh packs this lethal blueprint with various (action) genre tropes like gunpowder and the Vijay actor as ammunition before firing… but missing.

Additionally, it is clear where he misses the mark. In Theog, Himachal Pradesh, a bakery owner and part-time animal rescuer named Parthiban (Vijay) leads a tranquil small-town life. Lokesh has a very large role in creating her universe. A beautifully conceived and constructed sequence of a hyena being saved sets the tone for what is about to happen to Parthi and his family, which includes his worried wife Sathya (Trisha), his son Siddharth (Mathew Thomas), who is going through teenage turmoil, and his daughter Chintu (Iyal), who enjoys dancing with her father.


If the hyena rescue illustrates what we are to think of our hero, then a scene at his bakery where a gang of irresponsible hoodlums (played by Mysskin, Sandy, and others) cause mayhem sets the atmosphere for this character. A scene that director David Cronenberg and writer Josh Olson created specifically to heighten the suspense in their movie receives the full Lokesh treatment, from the stereo playing 90s Tamil songs like “Karu Karu Karupayi” and “Thamarai Poovukkum” to close-ups of Vijay’s face before what is to come.

Intriguingly, Leo explores an innocent man’s psychology much more thoroughly than A History of Violence does after his family is exposed to an evil environment.

Leo: Plots & Twists

While Lokesh keeps developing all he can, you can’t help but worry that the main antagonists, Antony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and his brother Harold Das (Arjun), who think Parthi might be the long-dead Leo Das (a super-cool Vijay), haven’t yet been introduced. You ponder whether the remaining running time will be able to meet the demands of the anticipated flashback and the Das family’s character journeys. Unfortunately, Lokesh’s Leo derails at this point and ends up being his weakest movie to date. The foundation upon which the entire movie depends, “Who is Leo Das and why did he turn against his own people?” is lost. And none of the Das gangster squadron really appeals to you.

This action film’s fervor is further dampened by the several dull knife fights, which cannot be saved despite a wonderfully designed vehicle chase sequence (unlike anything else shown on Tamil screens previously). The emotional beats and Sathya’s character growth soon fade away, despite Lokesh’s initial attempts to tease us with what he could achieve with the romantic element.

thalapathy vijay leo

It’s disappointing that Lokesh, the writer (Rathna Kumar and Deeraj Vaidy share credits with him in Leo), who we are familiar with from Vikram, delivers this shoddy attempt at what could have been an interesting character study. The director does manage to tap into the performer in Vijay; the star delivers what the scenes demand.

If you already know whether Leo is a part of the Lokesh Cinematic Universe but would rather remain in the dark until you see the movie, this is a cue to leave. Leo raises the question of whether the filmmaker’s skill at world-building also extends to universe-building, as the LCU in Leo feels like it was forced into being.

Leo: Final Thoughts

vijay leo

Will we be truly interested in seeing Parthiban enter the realm of Vikram? The only excitement left is to see Kamal Haasan and Vijay – the stars — together on screen. It remains to be seen how Lokesh will move the plot along with five major players in the game. The soundtrack for the end credits, the “I’m Scared” surprise line, and the numerous references to Vikram show that Anirudh Ravichander is still the driving force behind Lokesh’s Cinematic Universe.

Although Leo may not have hit the mark, people will still support Lokesh because of the impact of his other movies. For now, we continue to have faith in Lokesh.

Film: LEO (2023)

Cast: Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Gautham Menon, Arjun Sarja

Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Leo Movie Public Review

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Movie NameLeo  (2023)
StarringVijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Gautham Menon, Arjun Sarja
DirectorLokesh Kanagaraj
Release date19 October 2023
LanguageOriginal: Tamil, Tamil-Telugu Hindi-dubbed
Movie Format720p, 480p, 1080p Full HD

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