Jogi (2022): Diljit Wins Hearts With Great Performance

Diljit Dosanjh’s character Jogi is able to recognize the emotion of those people whose stories are now being told based on terrible historical events. When the story is based on such events its better to keep the emotions high. Is Jogi (Diljit) able to do so?


Prab was Heer’s brother’s son and Jogi’s nephew. On their way to work, Jogi followed his father, and the two of them boarded a bus together. People suddenly began mistreating Jogi and his father. Jogi returned to his house but was unable to locate anyone. Tejpal Arora was ready to add more fuel to the fire that was already burning the nation’s capital. He went to the Trilokpuri Police Station in East Delhi and gave Inspector Kuldeep the order to bring him every person in the cell. Tejpal had a strategy. After getting all the weapons and ammunition they would need, the criminals were released from the Trilokpuri Police Station by the criminals.

Jogi and his father scared
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Inspector Rawinder Chautala expressed fears about the strategy. He warned Tejpal that these were trained criminals who cannot be let go. Tejpal, though, urged him to see the wider picture. Rawinder was at a loss on what to do. He was aware that at all costs, he had to save his childhood friend. In a gurdwara, Jogi, his family, and the other Sikhs were taking refuge. When Rawinder met them, he told them that their only chance for safety at the time was to find a way to reach Punjab. Rawinder told Jogi to leave with his family because there was little chance of rescue everyone hiding in the gurdwara.

Jogi's mother cries for the sacrifice of Jogi
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Jogi, however, was not prepared to go back to his own people. Rawinder had a strategy. Owner of the truck load service was Rawinder and Jogi’s childhood friend Kaleem Ansari. In a few hours, Kaleem built the box and put the arms in place. Going to the gurdwara, Jogi and Rawinder filled the box with as many young and old people as they could. Once they had finished loading the people, Kaleem had ordered them to fill the tank at the closest petrol station. Tejpal Arora was supplying the rioters with everything from his property after already empty every gas station and transferring all the oil and diesel there.

Jogi and Rawinder had no other option. Tejpal warned them that Trilokpuri’s Lane No. 6 would be completely set ablaze because he was informed by an officer that many Sikhs were taking refuge there. Lali Katyal, another of Jogi, Rawinder, and Kaleem’s childhood friends, felt compelled to exact revenge on Jogi for some reason.

Jogi and kammo talking
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Lali Katyal’s sister Kammo fell in love with Jogi. Neither of them could wait for the ideal moment to confess their love to Lali. Lali learned about his sister’s pregnancy before he did. The eldest brother of her and their mutual buddy Jogi asked for forgiveness. But Lali couldn’t. Lali and Jogi have been at odds with one another since since Kammo committed suicide. Lali eagerly anticipated the opportunity to inflict revenge on Jogi. 

Tejpal order Rawinder to bring his friend. Rawinder was aware that his options were limited. He moved the Sikhs to a Muslim shrine close to Kaleem’s home before going to Tejpal to inform him that they were taking refuge at the gurdwara. Since he had learned that Kaleem’s truck was the one that had escaped the other day, Lali was able to see through his scheme.

 Tejpal wanted to prove to his superiors that he could perform under pressure because he was under a lot of it. Jogi and other Sikhs were finally located by Lali in their hiding place. He and his old friend got into a fight.

Jogi explains to him that he had no intention of hurting his sister and that she died because her own elder brother had not yet come around to accepting her. Lali chooses against disclosing their hidden location after having a change of heart. Lali understood that Jogi wasn’t truly bad and that his need for vengeance was what motivated him. It seemed doubtful that Tejpal would conduct a search at the Trilokpuri police station, so Rawinder urged Jogi to keep everyone concealed inside.

Daler and one of the Sikhs who had been shot were left in the doctor’s office while Rawinder and Jogi went back to the police station where they had hidden the Sikhs. He had been located, nevertheless, by Tejpal’s men. They imprisoned both Jogi and Rawinder. They were led to Tejpal, who was waiting to question them outside the Trilokpuri police station.

Jogi getting beaten
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Tejpal refuses to give Jogi any information. The politician shoots Daler and Jogi after losing his calm. Tejpal discovered that everyone was sheltering inside.


Jogi, a gripping and poignant drama, is presently accessible on Netflix. The anti-Sikh riots of 1984 serve as its backdrop. Despite utilising fictional characters, the film has a genuine sense because it correctly emphasises the human cost of the disaster.

Thanks to the atmospherics that cinematographer Marcin Laskawiec crafts, Jogi is able to create some tension and anxiety by invoking the fear of the anti-Sikh riots. Despite the story’s abundance of tragedies, by the time the movie reaches its end, weariness has set in and the storyline has lost its allure.

Jogi studying
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Excluding backstories that would have shown how strong the bond between Jogi and Rawinder is was a mistake since they would have allowed the main characters, notably Jogi, more time to develop. A flashback from three years ago when the guys were in college and a woman named Kammo (Amyra Dastur) gave one of them reason to fall in love reveals the circumstances that led to the separation between Jogi and his college friend Laali Katiyal (Hiten Tejwani), which later came back to haunt the two men.



Here’s the trailer of the movie

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