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Jigarthanda, a fascinating meta-gangster film directed by Karthik Subbaraj in 2014, attempted to combine filmmaking with rowdiness. The film’s premise revolved around a director who risked everything to create a movie based on a well-known mobster; the well-written script was full of surprises and generous nods to the craft. With Jigarthanda Double X, which more than doubles all we knew about the previous movie, a wiser Karthik returns after nine years. Karthik’s ambitious follow-up, “political masala western,” combines the essence of Jigarthanda with the spirit of a spaghetti western. It is a work of storytelling that never fails to wow and is full of surprises. 

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Review

By many measures, Jigarthanda Double X is Karthik Subbaraj’s authentic “Pandyaa Western,” from the film’s heroism to its storyline, which is based on an occurrence from the 1960s. The protagonist of the movie, Clint Eastwood, a computerized version of the American auteur, gives a handheld Canon 8mm camera to a tribal youngster named Alli during the filming of Caesar in Melakuyilkudi, close to Madurai. Alli had requested him for a weapon. Eastwood even goes so far as to identify him as Allius Caesar at his request. Allius Caesar (Raghava Lawrence), who has a deep-seated infatuation with Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, grows up thinking that a camera is a pistol. This camera eventually turns into a real “weapon” when it ends up in the hands of Ray Das, nicknamed Kirubai (SJ Suryah). And as a result, the movie transforms into a powerful, colorful, unique love letter to movies (and elephants).

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Review

In the follow-up, Karthik plays around a lot with duality. In order to tell a vast tale, the movie weaves together two radically different worlds: one is submerged in colors of green and orange in the forests of Kombai Sambala, while the other is bursting with colors of orange, brown, and red in the streets of Madurai.

About Jigarthanda Double X

In 1973, a vile policeman named K Rathnakumar (played by Naveen Chandra) is sent to apprehend Shettani, a forest brigand who hunts tuskers without a permit. Rathna, however, must change his course when his actor-minister brother Jeyakodi (Shine Tom Chacko) encounters a difficult situation. Rathna dispatches four criminals on covert operations to assassinate four members of Karmegam’s support network in order to eliminate his party opponent, Karmegam (Illavarasu). Kirubai, an innocent prisoner, is tasked with assassinating Caesar, a mobster who owns all of Madurai. Kirubai intends to fulfill Caesar’s dream of being the first dark-skinned hero in Tamil cinema by taking on the role of a director. This is the start of a 172-minute story that has so much information in it that it can get tiresome to recall everything at points. Karthik believes he has too much to say, and for the first thirty minutes or so, you can detect some irritation. The film’s worst section begins here, with the two main characters being presented in a cliched manner.

About Jigarthanda Double X

However, we can count on Karthik to add more layers to his movies to keep us interested. You could find yourself wishing for a second watch because of the way he injects humor into some very serious circumstances. One such scene is when Suryah lights up Caesar’s house with his acting prowess. The numerous references to Tamil cinema, such as in the first movie, turn into minor nuances that pique your interest. One such example is Bava Chelladurai’s portrayal of a veena-playing filmmaker dubbed SB Chandar, who pays homage to the late, great director S Balachandar. Karthik employs “Malarndhum Malaradha” in a different context, but other pop-culture allusions more than make up for the lack of subtlety in his Rajinikanth allusion this time.

What Makes Jigarthanda Double X Special?

What makes the movie so special is the way Karthik depicts and interweaves the many dualities of the two protagonists entering and exiting the two universes. A lot of fiction is blended with fact, as seen by the numerous references to actual events made throughout the movie. Additionally, there are symmetrical frames that divide a gun from a spear and a gun from a camera. In essence, Kirubai is the main character, while Caesar only serves as the circumstance’s puppet. Both are tales of self-discovery, but one centers on overcoming fear, while the other tells the tale of recovering from suffering. Furthermore, Lawrence and Suryah play amazing personalities. Observe how Suryah portrays the moral quandary faced by his character by highlighting his dual nature.

What Makes Jigarthanda Double X Special

Lawrence, meantime, not only creates an impression as the vicious mobster with a pistol, but he also gives you a sense of Caesar’s true nature. Now recall the abrupt change in tone that occurs in Jigarthanda when Bobby Simha’s Sethu turns into a laughing stock. There is a similar tone shift in the sequel, but it is written with such passion and conviction that it draws you in to what Karthik is trying to do. The surprising political narrative reveals a hitherto undiscovered aspect of the director. It’s made much more smooth by the fact that the two heroes enter this zone knowing exactly nothing. Sure, there are a few bumps along the road, such as an unexpected wedding and some needless drama, but Santhosh Narayanan’s outstanding soundtrack saves the day, making you even more tolerant of the film’s shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

The Jigarthanda Karthik Subbaraj’s most sentimental film to date is Double X. This sequel eliminates the possibility of comparison by retaining solely the essence of the 2014 movie. But in every way, this is really a Double X of Jigarthanda, in the same way that goals grow exponentially larger.

Double X Cast

 SJ Suryah, Raghava Lawrence, Naveen Chandra, Nimisha Sajayan, Shina Tom Chacko

Jigarthanda Double X Release Date

The Movie was published on November 10, 2023, it was during the week of Diwali, and critics gave it favorable reviews.

Jigarthanda Double X Public Reviews

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Movie Name Jigarthanda Double X (2023)
Starring SJ Suryah, Raghava Lawrence, Naveen Chandra, Nimisha Sajayan, Shina Tom Chacko
Director Karthik Subbaraj
Year 2023
Release date 10 November 2023
Country India
Language Original: Telugu,Hindi dubbed, Tamil dubbed, Tamil-Telugu 
Movie Format 720p, 480p, 1080p Full HD

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