Goodbye (2022): A Must-see Tear-dropper Family Drama

After the pandemic, going to the cinema has been a major part of our weekends. Goodbye is nothing less than a classic family drama. One such recent release that you must see is “Goodbye,” which stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rashmika Mandanna and has a high emotional quotient. Oh, and don’t forget to bring tissues for wiping away the tears.


A dysfunctional family is the main focus of the Goodbye movie’s plot. In Bengaluru, attorney Tara lives with her partner Mudassar. After she wins her first case, she goes to party. Calls or texts from Tara’s mother Gayatri go unanswered. When her father Harish calls the next day, she finds that Gayatri has passed away.

tara angry at harish and neighbour
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She flies back to Chandigarh, her birthplace, to be with Harish. Harish is the father of three more children: Angad, his adopted son who lives in Dubai, Nakul, his second son, and Karan, his oldest son, who lives in San Francisco. They’ve all gone. Also, the first Chandigarh flight that arrives is booked by Karan and Angad. Nakul is unavailable at the moment. Tara is the first person there. She and Harish argue over the funeral rites as they have different opinions on them.

Harish and Gayatri laughing
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Harish is also angry at Karan and Angad as he feels they are unaffected by their mother’s passing. Harish’s behaviour starts to cause fights inside the house. None of them have a choice, though. They will have to share a home for a few days. During the next phase of the film, Harish starts to behave peacefully and everyone starts to follow all the traditional rules made by our ancestors. In the end of the film, they all gather on the roof and bides goodbye to kite of Gayatri.


Goodbye is definitely one of those stories so personal that everyone will relate to it. It is a reminder of whatever pain you may have swept under the rug or avoided in the past. It reminds you its not the people who goes, its their memories that follows.

Harish talking to gayatri's ashes
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The appropriation between humour and emotions in many parts is missing which doesn’t blend the two very well. Its the scene where they pick up the body and rotate around that pissed me off. Its basically shows the disrespect towards the dead.


Tara and family peacefully smiling
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If you have lost a parent or are caring for an ill one, watching Goodbye may not be an easy experience. Although the idea is fascinating and might bring you to tears, the execution has trouble setting the right mood. The film switches back and forth between moods, past and present. The way it is all connected feels random and episodic. The narrative swings between some heartwarming scenes and then randomness. Even though it tries to tilt toward Piku, the family’s dispute is more Baghban than Piku. Also, the story seems to have reached a dead end.



Here’s the trailer of the movie

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