Godfather (2022): Just Another Hit From South

For Chiranjeevi’s GodFather, there hasn’t been much of a stir among Telugu audiences this week. The concept had been received with great anticipation when it was first revealed. But the excitement eventually faded. Following Acharya and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, audiences are afraid to put their full trust in a production. In light of this, GodFather is not a terrible film. GodFather might very well end up being a snooze fest if you have watched Lucifer because it is just so similar to the original. If not, this movie will connect you with Chiranjeevi, the actor who stole hearts with his great film.


CM PadamKant Reddy “PKR,” the leader of the governing Jan Jagriti Party (JJP), has passed away in Andhra Pradesh. Narayana Varma, the acting chief minister, sends party members to riot outside the hospital. In a Facebook live video, Govardhan despises people who praised PKR in his later years, calling him a puppet. Jaidev intends to pay the current funder of the JJP with narcotics profits. Jaidev is advised by Varma to talk to Brahma, but Brahma is opposed to using the drug money to pay for the party.

Brahma's entrance
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In Hyderabad, where Sathya asks Varma to stop Brahma from attending the ceremony, the final rituals for PKR are being performed. Raghuram makes an unsuccessful attempt to stop him on Varma’s orders. They find that Brahma, who was taken into their home as a child and caused a gap between her parents, is the target of her anger because her father gave more care for him. In prison, Jaidev arranges a hit on Brahma by his party goons, but the plan is useless. In the meantime, Brahma, who is later released from prison, learns from Koti’s error and Renuka’s confession that they were lying about him.

Masoom fighting
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In order to pay off the channel’s debts and seize control, Brahma’s men kill Raghuram and meet Ram, the owner of the NNTV news channel. Jaidev kidnaps Jhanvi and threatens Sathya to declare him the new chief minister.  Brahma is revealed by Lucas to be Abram Qureshi. Later, Sathya was about to declare Brahma the new CM but he changed the sheet and it said the new CM is in fact Sathya.  Brahma calls Sathya to congratulate her. In the end, while being pursued, Brahma gathers all the main drug lords in Paris and shoots them to death.


In the role of a king-maker, Chiranjeevi conveys grace. He looks very good in the salt and pepper outfit. Without his usual strong entertainment aspects (songs, dances, and comedy) in this film, he still has the ability to play a gripping part and leave an audience impressed. With his outstanding performance, Chiru carries the movie. The top-notch cast supports him well.

Brahma fighting
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A pleasant surprise in the film is Satya Dev. He got a challenging part and was outstanding as the bad guy. Another artist who worked very well as Satya dev’s sidekick, Murali Sharma. Nayanatara had a significant role as Satya dev’s wife, and she played great. Puri, Sunil, Samuthirakani, Divi, Murali Mohan, and other supporting actors did their jobs well.  Salman, who plays Masoom Bhai, makes a short cameo but leaves an impression. To see him and Chiru together in one frame is a thrill. The only bad thing about this movie was its vfx in some scenes. But either way its still watchable and enjoyable.


Brahma and Masoom Dancing
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GodFather meets all the requirements for a successful remake by being true to the original film while still being distinctive in its own right thanks to a compelling screenplay that holds viewers’ attention throughout the whole movie . GodFather was improved greatly by Chiru, Mohan Raja, Thaman S, Satya Dev, and Salman Khan, making it one of the best movies with a political context.



Here’s the trailer of the movie

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