Fukrey 3 Movie Review: Pee, Laugh & Cry

Fukrey, the much anticipated third episode, is a real belly laugher. You can watch this without thinking too much or attempting to make sense of what is happening on the screen if you leave your brains at home. You could feel bad for Bollywood since it continues to produce this type of film, but there are really a ton of people who enjoy it in today’s generation of content consumers who don’t mind laughing at thoughtless jokes and crude humor.

Fukrey 3: Movie Review

fukrey 3 music

You can watch this without thinking too much or attempting to make sense of what is happening on the screen if you leave your brains at home. You could feel bad for Bollywood since it continues to produce this type of film, but there are really a ton of people who enjoy it in today’s generation of content consumers who don’t mind laughing at thoughtless jokes and crude humor.

I appreciate how each character’s arc has gained a little more depth and dimension thanks to the direction of Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. The consistently funny Choocha (Varun Sharma) has become even funnier, the cunning Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) has refined his mind tricks, the good-boy Laali (Manjot Singh) is much sweeter, the consistently trustworthy Pandit ji has everyone’s back, and everyone’s favorite Bholi Panjaban leaves no room for complaint and reveals a more sensitive side to her personality.

Fukrey 3: Subplots After Subplots

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The story continues in the same circular fashion as part two. The plot shifts from an amusement park in Delhi to coal mines in Africa, but Choocha is still at the center of practically everything, whether it be good or horrible. What fresh plan has the Fukrey gang come up with to make some quick money? What political reason is there for setting Choocha and Bholi against one another? Will Choocha actually be able to woo Bholi? Can Hunny still grasp Choocha’s experimental thoughts as well? What is the ultimate goal of this group, and why is Pandit Ji still with them? You can choose from a variety of subplots in Fukrey 3 and you’ll never get bored.

Things turn sour, very literally, when this comedy begins to heavily rely on potty humor. Every other scene has jokes that range from being crude to being unfunny. After a while, you start to giggle at the events and the manner they were captured on camera, but very little of the conversation stays with you or makes you laugh.

Fukrey 3: Too Much Toilet Humour

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With a running time of 150 minutes, Fukrey 3 moves quickly and keeps you more interested in the characters than the plot. But instead of shoving so much handy toilet humor in our faces, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba should have stuck to some clean humor and deft comedic punches. After a while, you start to wonder whether the writers ran out of ideas.

Although Vipul Vig’s writing is compelling, he makes sure to insert a joke or plot twist any time the track becomes too drawn out, which happens rather frequently. Unfortunately, by the time things start to sound a little cleaner and more delightful, a lot of potty talk has already been fed and is difficult to forget.

Fukrey 3: Attempt At Social Message

honey and choocha

The second half is when things gather up speed because the first half is spent setting up the character tales and new narratives. In contrast to its first two installments, Fukrey 3 makes an effort to convey a social message as well, although it doesn’t really develop on that track with dedication or honesty. The inclusion of social commentary only serves to add a touch at one point in the writing, albeit it doesn’t hit particularly hard.

The superb performances it receives—each one better than the last—allow Fukrey 3 to soar. Without a doubt, Pankaj and Varun win the award. Varun excels in recreating his infamous character Choocha. He makes it look so effortless and it seems to come naturally to him to slip into Choocha’s skin (and attire). He may annoy anyone with his gestures, body language, naivety, and mischievous ways, yet he’s too brilliant at what he does so that you don’t really complain.

Pankaj is another option. You can just sit back and unwind if you include him in a comedic story. By simply being present, he adds humor to events. In Fukrey 3, his acting talent rises to a new level, and this act exudes a sense of comfort and ease.

Fukrey 3: Different performances, different levels of restraint

pandit ji and lali

Although I think Pulkit and Manjot give a much more restrained and balanced performance in this part compared to the first two, they are both excellent here. These two pals brilliantly support Choocha even in the situation where he is the focal point of attention.

Additionally, Bholi is simply amazing and continues to dazzle with her performance. When someone attempts to take advantage of her, you could feel that she’s so naïve, but the next second, she transforms into this fiery, ferocious lady who can face any challenge head-on. It is charming and funny as she dances toward the end of a scene where she is being married.

The music in Fukrey 3 is merely adequate, but I did enjoy a few of the instances where Ambarsariya was playing in the background. Additionally, the opening track, which tells the story of the two prior movies through a series of flashback images, is exceptionally well-written and put together.

This comedy of mistakes is only intended for amusement and is not meant to arouse debate or for thought to occur. Nevertheless, you would love it and leave the theater grinning or perhaps laughing, depending on your sense of humor. And if you can’t stomach potty humor, heed the caution in this review.

Film: Fukrey 3

Cast: Pankaj Tripathi, Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Richa Chadha

Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

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Like the first two parts, Pulkit Samrat plays the lead role in this film, which also stars Varun Sharma, Ali Fazal, Manjot Singh, Richa Chadha, Vishakha Singh, and Priya Anand. Farhan Akhtar, who produced the movie this time, has also joined the cast and will this time spice up his role in it.

In addition, Pankaj Tripathi will amuse his audience with this movie once more. Similar to the first two chapters, the story of this movie is centered around the money.

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