Enter The Dragon (1973): Revisiting The Master Of Martial Arts

Movie buffs will know that Enter the Dragon is more famous than the movie itself, but there are still many interesting things to learn. Han’s greatest foe turns out to be Lee, a silent Shaolin master who accepts an invitation to the competition in the hopes of aiding British Intelligence in the capture of Han and defeating O’Hara, Han’s chief bodyguard, who, ironically, was involved in the suicide of Lee’s sister. It’s an old concept, but director Robert Clouse manages the material with skill and maximum thrill while giving the action a lively visual style.


Braithwaite, a British intelligence agent looking into a possible crime boss named Han, meets Lee, a highly skilled martial artist and instructor from Hong Kong. In order to get evidence of Han’s role in prostitution and drug trafficking, Lee is urged to attend a famous martial arts tournament on his private island. Lee also finds out, just before he leaves, that O’Hara, the person who killed his sister, is Han’s security on the island. Han issues the competitors strong orders not to leave their rooms at the end of the first day.
Lee sparing
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The next day, Han commands Bolo, his huge enforcer, to publicly execute the guards for disobeying orders. After the execution, Lee will face O’Hara as the competition continues. After humiliatingly beating O’Hara, who had just attacked Lee with a pair of shattered bottles, Lee kills him. Han declares that O’Hara’s betrayal has embarrassed them and finishes the tournament for the day abruptly. He confronts Williams, who had also left his room the night before to work out. Han kills Williams with his iron prosthetic hand after a damaging brawl because Han thinks Williams knows about the invader.
Rupert and William standing
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Then Han tells Roper about his drug business, and he threatens her and the other martial artists who have competed in Han’s contests in the past with prison if they refuse to join his plan. Lee sneaks out again and attempts to speak with Braithwaite, but after a long battle with the guards, he is caught. Han sets up a fight between Roper and Lee, but Roper declines.
lee vs han
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Han gives the order to kill Lee and Roper to his surviving men, furious at the unexpected failure. Lee follows Han after he escapes and finally catches up with him in his gallery. Han initially has the advantage of the mirrors, but Lee breaks every mirror in the room to betray Han’s location and eventually kills him. Lee goes back outside to the main conflict, which has concluded. Roper and Lee give each other a weary thumbs-up when the military finally comes to take control of the island, bruised and bloodied.


This film serves as a tribute to Bruce Lee, who aspired to achieve in the martial arts what no one else had. He didn’t simply want to fight. To create a combat style that could be used by everyone in any situation, he sought to learn everything he possibly could. As a result, he developed his own Jeet Kune Do hybrid style. Throughout Enter the Dragon, we all saw how well it worked out. Just consider his prior films, such as Enter the Dragon. He would often cling to wing chun kung fu and mostly use that style to win. Well, when this movie came out, everything changed.
Lee using weapon
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Enter the Dragon is criticized for how Bruce Lee seems immune to being hit by anyone. In one of the most famous quotes, Lee says, “Boards don’t hit back.” However, it appears that most of his rivals also meet this criteria.


Watching “Enter the Dragon,” a pop cultural classic with no abilities, is like seeing a comic book come to life. Even when used in well-shot locales that take advantage of various battle situations, Lee’s choreography and incredibly hard work/passion shine. The entire cast and crew create a work that is vibrant with color, music, period pieces from the 1970s, and, of course, action, where the post-production sound effects let you feel every bone-crushing blow the actors throw to one another.
Lee and master
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The plot in the movie is thin, but the point is that the plot is not the main point. Rather, it is a reason for showing off Lee’s great work. In which the villains receive their due punishments and the heroes strive to fulfil their potential. Everyone involved deserves praise for the amount of energy they put into the movie, which almost leaps off the screen. There is a reason why it helped inspire many people, from filmmakers to bodybuilders. I bow myself to the late great master.



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