Doctor G (2022): A Typical Ayushmann’s Comedy Film

With Doctor G, Ayushmann Khurrana completes an arc that he started with Vicky Donor, a movie in which he played a sperm donor. In the 2017 film Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, Ayushmann Khurrana’s marketing manager discussed erectile dysfunction. Khurrana’s character in Anubhuti Kashyap’s Doctor G doesn’t want to hear about the effects of sperm functioning as they should. Is it cringe? Is it comedy? Lets find out…


The story of a resistant gynaecologist is presented in Doctor G. Medical student Uday Gupta resides in Bhopal with her mother Shobha. Chaddi, who is also his tenant, is his best friend. Uday’s poor grades restrict him from enrolling in orthopaedics, which is his preferred field. He is advised to select gynaecology. His role model and orthopaedic relative Ashok, advises him to study gynaecology and work hard to improve his rank the next year so that he can reapply for orthopaedics. Uday is the only male student in his batch when he starts his study.

Uday getting ragged
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He gets into a fight with his fellow classmates and the department’s head, Dr. Nandini Srivastava, who hates him for having no interest in the subject. His life is indeed terrible. Also, his girlfriend Richa dumps him because she claims he is overly possessive and doesn’t understand women. In the meantime, he gradually develops an interest in the subject and grows close to Fatima, who is in the same batch as him. Both of them end up kissing one another at a medical camp. Later, as Fatima prepares to wed Arif, she regrets her behaviour.

Uday and fatima talking
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She tries to convince Uday that they should keep their friendship intact and that a romantic relationship is not possible. But Uday lacks the maturity and sexist mindset to grasp Fatima’s perspective. Ashok gets an underaged girl pregnant. Uday helps the girl and gets Ashok arrested. In the end, Uday goes to Fatima’s engagement party and makes amends.


Definitely not as hilarious comic style of Munnabhai MBBS (2003), though. where scenes are built up in layers to provide nonstop chuckles I believe it takes a lot of skill to get that terrific humour without resorting to irritating slapstick. Doctor G is not to a maternity ward what Khurrana’s remarkably risky/brave directorial debut, Vicky Donor (2012), was to a fertility clinic.

Uday learning
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Which is another way of saying that this movie often goes into a confused area, and you may need to slowly connect with the characters in order to understand what they’re actually going through and how it ties into the message the movie is attempting to make.


Patient complains against Uday
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All in all, Doctor G is a funny comedy that manages to convey a number of important issues without losing its storyline. The movie develops thanks to scenes with depth and veracity. Those who don’t do no lasting harm. Together, they created a film with contagious vivacity and thought-provoking content.





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