Cuttputlli (2022): Prolonged Climax Turns Thriller Into Boredem

Bollywood has made remakes of south Indian films since the 1970s. Hence, the Akshay Kumar’s “Cuttputlli” is a remake of the Tamil film Ratsasan. Many of the writers and producers pursue these films from the South with strong screenplays. Now the main question: Is the remake better than the original? Let’s find out.


Samiksha, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was brutally killed, is found dead. Arjan Sethi is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to make a movie about psychopaths. After multiple rejections from film producers and pressure from his family, he becomes a Sub-Inspector within the Himachal Pradesh Police, with the assistance of his brother-in-law Narinder Singh, a policeman himself. Arjan is regarded as a rookie despite having a high rank because of his lack of police experience. He moves in together with his sister Seema, Narinder, and their daughter Payal. Payal gets into trouble in class and asks Arjan for help, so he meets her teacher Divya at college and they fall in love.

Arjan and Divya dancing
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Arjan is meanwhile looking into Amrita’s kidnapping, a schoolgirl. Due to the mutilations on a doll he discovered at Amrita’s house, Arjan draws parallels between Samiksha’s case and Amrita’s. The coroner claims that Samiksha and the criminal have comparable daily routines. Purushottam Tomar, a teacher at the new school Payal has registered for, comes up in the search. A paedophile who coerces girls into having sex, Purushottam Tomar.

Payal scolded by Purushottam
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Payal herself narrowly escapes Purushottam Tomar when Arjan nabs him after getting a tip from another victim. During a bid to escape, he holds Parmar at gunpoint, but Arjan guns down Purushottam Tomar. After shooting down Tomar, Seema and Narinder cheers Payal and throw her a birthday party. Turns out the criminal had kidnapped Payal. 2 days after, unable to find Payal, Arjan found Payal’s mutilated corpse inside Narinder’s car. His sister, Seema told Arjan to not let others Payal die.

Arjan sees Payal's Corpse
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Arjan was kicked out but eventually he discovered that Agnes created illusions prior to kidnapping the pupils. When Arjan follows Agnes to an abandoned structure nearby, he learns that she could actually be a guy. It was Christopher who shows himself to be Agnes’ son and admits that he was bullied as a child because of the progeria ailment for which he was treated.

Sophia helps Christopher
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A lass, Sofia, became friends with him when he was younger, but when he confessed his like to her, she humiliated him. Agnes invited Sofia to her home a while later, where Agnes helped Christopher kill her. Agnes took the blame for the murder, but after her passing, Christopher decided to decorate up as her and continue killing other girls, as they remind him of Sofia. Arjan and Christopher fight, but because of Iti, Arjan is in a position to take him down. Divya involves aid Arjan, as he & Iti walk off from Christopher’s body.


Even though the movie is a remake, the narration was good. The sequence of keeping the audience engaged worked perfectly. The cinematography at the end with the same types of rooms was very puzzling, engaging and interesting which was unlike many movies. The best thing of the movie was that it didn’t used any unnecessary music videos or dance routines in between.

SHO realizes Arjan was right
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The story telling was good but it has too many characters. The ending was very anticlimactic. The final fight was anticipated to be more thrilling than the typical Bollywood ending. The usage of graphics was terrible.


“Cuttputlli” tried delivering a thriller and action movie but keeping the climax prolong just ridiculed the whole film. The makers used unnecessary characters and the plot twists were getting boring.

Arjan tells landlord that his wife is dead
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But the good part is that this movie could be a comeback movie for Akshay Kumar’s success after consecutive failures. It is still a watchable film with your family and friends.


Here’s the trailer of the movie

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