Creed 3 Trailer Review: Adonis Looks Good But Where Is Rocky?

The first adrenaline-fueled trailer for Creed 3, one of the most long-awaited movies of the first half, was released on October 18, 2022. The focus of Creed 3 will once more be on Adonis Creed as he continues Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa’s legacy by making his way in the boxing ring. The trailer focuses on the amazing character posters that United Artists released on October 17 and plays up the rivalry between Damian Anderson and the lead character. It reveals that Creed knew Damian as a child, even if their friendship doesn’t last very long. 

The trailer also teases things everyone already knew what we would see. A fight between Creed and Anderson and the instability of Adonis and Bianca’s relationship due to Damian. Sylvester Stallone, who isn’t in the movie series for the very first time ever, is noticeably missing from the trailer. But it makes sense that the mentor stays out of this one. Given that Creed is likewise about a fighter emerging from the shadow of his ancestors.

The first Creed movie was the sort of thing that made you want to circle the entire goddamn planet. It was one of the few franchise revivals that actually had a narrative of its own, and it was a powerful, joyful one. The movie tracked the development of young Adonis Creed, the son of late Rocky Balboa rival Apollo Creed. From troubled kid to Rocky Balboa student to heavyweight champion who could stand on his own two feet. It’s best to avoid discussing the second movie. And the third? First impressions of the most recent sequel suggest a fantastic comeback.

The battle in the movie between Creed and Dame is heavily featured in the trailer, which is a great way to promote the movie. Despite their incredible damage, Jordan and Majors each radiate charm that is at least as massive as their traps. Ironically, it also has a plot that is similar to Jordan’s other significant part. However, Majors plays the Killmonger to Jordan’s Black Panther, a ghost from the past to seize what is rightfully his. I’m eager to witness their trainings.


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