Code Name: Tiranga (2022): Another Bollywood Mediocre

Ribhu Dasgupta’s spy-action-drama Code Name: Tiranga stars Harrdy Sandhu and Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti’s comeback movie disappoints people. In India, we have seen almost every possible plot for a spy action drama, including those based on nationalism, terrorism, revenge, real events, thrillers, and female-led movies. What is remaining for Code Name: Tiranga at this point? Nothing, in fact. Yet they still made this movie. Instead of the patriotism they showed in the movie, a great salute to their guts. The plot is drained of all those outdated ideas of patriotic spy thrillers, and the entertainment value is lackluster with poorly handled thrills. What we witness in this movie, which doesn’t really stay true to a single struggle, is much behind what mainstream cinema is capable of.


Durga Singh (Parineeti Chopra), a female RAW agent, crosses paths with Dr. Mirza (Harrdy Sandhu) in the movie. In no time at all, the two start dating, and a split second later, they are engaged. While putting the finishing touches on her most important task, Durga, who has kept her identity a secret, must disclose who she really is. Though they part ways in their own ways, fate brings them back together. Along with her colleague Ajay Bakshi, she keeps looking for the most wanted terrorist, Khalid Omar (Sharad Kelkar) (Dibyendu Bhattacharya). By the end, Code Name: Tiranga reveals a lot of information, but none of it is very suspenseful.

(SPOILER ALERT! Mirza dies of a planted bomb due to which Durga Kills Omar. I know “HUGE SUSPENSE”)


Speaking of positives, Parineeti Chopra led some strong action scenes in Code Name: Tiranga. We rarely see female stars performing high-octane action stunts, but this film does just that. It seems from the teaser and trailer that Code Name: Tiranga would be a pretty poor movie, but it isn’t. It is a very good movie up until the intermission. The errors in the second half distract from the purpose. Though there are too many drawbacks, the writing and screenplay continue to be the best parts. The logic is a massive jumble, but the technical parts are still fairly enjoyable. Code Name: Tiranga uses older codes improperly with less knowledge of binary than other spy dramas because it doesn’t break any new ones.

There have been many mistakes made in Ribhu Dasgupta’s direction. First, the idea to create a 137-minute movie when it wasn’t necessary. In reality, no story could be made to go that far. It might have been finished in two hours and avoided 15 to 17 minutes of boredom, but Ribhu was forced to leave the extra parts in the finished product for an unknown reason. The second half’s mediocrity unravelling from the first scene does greater harm. You may be wondering why they had to show those early 120-minute buildups when these things were already planned because there have been so many turnarounds in the final 15 minutes. Dasgupta’s mission is misleading since it lacks a clear agenda to achieve. It’s good that the movie had little attention before it releases as many would have hated it.


While Code Name Tiranga won’t surprise you with its storytelling, it is nice to see a female protagonist take the lead in a spy universe that is typically controlled by male superstars in the movies. Now, would I recommend you to watch this movie?

A 100% YES.





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