Cirkus (2022): B-Grade Version Of Angoor

Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus, inspired by Shakespeare’s epic drama, is an utterly dull and listless film that has no spark. It is unexpected because Rohit’s go-to tag team of comedians, who are masters of buffoonery, are all around the livewire star Ranveer Singh in the lead part. The movie makes big promises for its humorous current, but it barely ever delivers. In fact, the producers essentially give the star the authority to tax us, and Deepika Padukone even appears in an item song to support the point. But the gags fall flat on the film, leaving us in the dark. Priyadarshan has used livewires throughout the years that have far superior comedic wattage. Evidently, the only situations-based humour that functions comes directly from Gulzar’s writing. 


Dr. Roy, who together with his brother Joy runs the Jamnadas orphanage, is developing a theory that suggests non-biological relationships may one day outnumber blood relationships. Dr. Roy takes either of two sets of identical twins that have been abandoned at the orphanage and will shortly be adopted by different families and will raise them as siblings. He places one set of twins with a circus family in Ooty, and the other set with the affluent Shakuntala Devi family in Bangalore. Both families give the twins the names Roy and Joy.

Joy, Roy and Babita in Cirkus
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One of Dr. Roy’s twins has the ability to send electric current through his body while the other twin feels the effect. Dr. Roy chooses to keep an eye on both families so that the twins don’t cross paths. Years later, when his father died, Roy decided to operate his father’s circus with Joy and use his abilities to amuse people while he was married to Mala. While the other Roy has a comfortable lifestyle in Bangalore with Joy, frequently experiences the effects of electricity, and is in love with Bindu. But when both sets of twins arrive in the same city, confusion and comedy of errors ensue.


You can easily afford a couple power naps throughout the first half due to how mediocre it is. It becomes even less hilarious after the intermission. When confusion sets in as everyone tries to make sense of what is happening. Everything is excessively colourful, noisy, and boring. Complete with garish headbands, printed fabrics, odd accessories, and bizarre hairstyles. All in the name of period humour.

Roy in Cirkus
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In the movie, there are many characters. More colourful than the other, each one. And everyone is being absurdly over the top. Even if they have incredibly comical appearances, some nasty men don’t even make you chuckle. Instead, after a while, they start to appear bothersome. When there is a lot going on and everyone is working hard, it is difficult to find or sense comedy. I can’t think of many scenes in Cirkus that might cause genuine laughter to viewers used to genuine laughter. Even if Deepika makes a brief appearance in the song Current Laga Re. It’s too late to make up for all the joy.



Rant laga Song in Cirkus
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“Cirkus” is a bustling movie with a cast of characters assembled with the intention of making us laugh. But it falls well short of that goal. Rohit Shetty has walked the tightrope of entertaining the audience with slapstick comedy and drama before. But this time he appears to have fallen multiple times.





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