Brahmastra (2022): Years of Heavy Production Leads To Letdown

The fantasy action adventure movie “Brahmastra” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt has swept the internet. The internet is buzzing with everything from “Brahmastra,” from visual effects to performances, cameos to anticipation for part 2. But did it lived upto the expectations? Lets find out:


In BRAHMASTRA PART 1: SHIVA, a man learns about his own superpowers. Shiva is a DJ who works out of Mumbai and leads an easygoing lifestyle. He is an orphan who adores the orphan children he lives with. Then he meets Isha and immediately develops feelings for her. He attracts her as well, especially after she finds out about his way of life. All is good until suddenly Shiva begins to have flashes. Mohan Bhargav, a scientist, is killed by the villainous Junoon, who also steals a priceless artefact from him. Mohan, who is about to pass away, says under compulsion that the other piece of the artefact is with Varanasi-based artist Anish Shetty.

srk cameo
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When Shiva notices everything, he knows that Junoon is planning to attack Anish next. Shiva makes the decision to go to Varanasi and inform Anish about the danger. Isha also follows him. Just in time, Shiva and Isha save Anish in Varanasi. They learn the artefact taken from Mohan is a component of “Brahmastra” thanks to Anish. Anish has one portion of it, and there are two more sections. While he tries to stop Junoon, he hands it over to Shiva and Isha and instructs them to head to the ashram of Guru. Anish gives up his life, and when Shiva is attacked by Junoon’s goon, he unexpectedly uses his firepower to destroy him.

Isha scared
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Shiva learns about the mystic community surrounding him when he meets Guru Ji. Shiva refuses Guruji’s invitation to stay and continue learning about his abilities since he simply wants to live a normal life and isn’t interested in learning about magic or other supernatural abilities. Guruji informs him that he knows who his parents are as soon as he turns around and that he won’t speak until he begins to understand his powers.

Guruji ask Shiva to join Brahansh
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When she comes back, Junoon assaults the Brahman’s home. Using an amulet imbued with Agniastra’s powers, she manipulates residents of the village into attacking Brahma. She seizes control of all three fragments of the Brahmastra during the conflict and reassembles them. The three fragments of Brahmastra come together once more, and a powerful force descends upon the planet, obliterating everything. Shiva, however, is able to put a halt to the celebration, sparing everyone from the massive carnage.

dev power
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A post credit scene is shown where Dev is back from his imprisonment through Brahmastra pieces got joined.


Nandi astra power
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Nagarjuna performs admirably in a small but crucial role. During the interval, he obtains a crucial moment and keeps the audience’s attention. As the major villain, Mouni Roy excels because she gets the spiciest part. Utilizing this significant opportunity, she takes on big-name rivals. Ayan Mukherjee manages the second half much better than he did the first. The climax is exciting, and the VFX work is good. Last but not least, Shahrukh Khan’s cameo appearance was wonderful.


Shiva and Isha dance
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Brahmastra is an all-around decent action drama with an intriguing theme. Although the evaluation of astras and their cosmos is intriguing, the narration is confusing. The VFX are overdone, and the love tale is boring. Without the cameos, the movie is all an all nothing but a confusing love story.



Here’s the trailer of the movie


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