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Matthew Perry is a household name, primarily known for his portrayal of Chandler Bing in the iconic television series “Friends.” However, Perry’s career extends far beyond his time in Central Perk. With his unique blend of humor, charisma, and impeccable timing, he has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Sadly we lost Matthew Perry today, but he still lives on our hearts and memory as “Chandler Bing”. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 movies and TV shows that showcase the incredible talent of Matthew Perry, taking you on a journey through his illustrious career.

Serving Sara

Matthew Perry in Serving Sara

Matthew Perry plays Joe Tyler in this romantic comedy. Tyler is a former lawyer who failed because several of his clients went on to serve for the Mafia. In order to combat his painkiller addiction, Perry had to leave the set midway through and check himself into a rehabilitation center.

Even though Serving Sara had a difficult journey to the big screen, once there, things became even more difficult. All reviewers concurred that the movie was “not funny or romantic” and “forgettable.”

The Ron Clark Story

Matthew Perry in The Ron Clark Story

This was an intriguing idea because the film featured more than sixty well-known comedians and celebrities, like Ton Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow, Perry, and others. In interviews, people share their own narratives about how they came to be paid to make people laugh.

From the critics’ point of view, the fact that none of them are unhappy throughout is the fundamental problem with this movie. Though that isn’t really communicated in the work, they are attempting to show that you have to be that way to be hilarious, which is why the movie was called “all over the place.”

The Whole Nine Yards

Matthew Perry in The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Ten Yards was a follow-up to The Whole Nine Yards, in which Bruce Willis’s character, Jimmy, the previous hitman, was now retired. He’s been living a calm life, but he’s stuck since his wife wants to keep running the company, so he soon finds himself drawn back into the criminal underworld. Perry plays Oz, the neighbor Jimmy used to live with.

With that kind of star power, you would assume this movie would be at least mediocre, but it wasn’t. This movie received harsh criticism from critics for being “predictable” and “inconsistent,” demonstrating that star power isn’t everything in the film industry.

Almost Heroes

Matthew Perry in Almost Heroes

The ensemble of Almost Heroes features a strong group of performers, including Matthew Perry, Eugene Levy, and Chris Farley. The story revolves around a gang of adventurers that set out on a disastrous mission to try and arrive in the Pacific Ocean ahead of Lewis and Clark. In the end, Almost Heroes lacked a great deal of humor.

It is unfortunate that this was Farley’s last part before his passing, but it is not surprising that the film received such a low rating. Film critics called the script “lame” and the plot “heartless,” saying the movie was just trying too hard to be funny.

17 Again

Matthew Perry in 17 Again

A former basketball player named 17 Again is given a second chance in life when he changes back into a teenager. The main character, who is brought back in time and transforms into Zac Efron, is given the chance to make other choices that would have changed his adult outcome.

With a $64.1 million box office and an audience rating of 67%, it was evident that many people appreciated it. There was a wide range of criticism for this; some said it wasn’t “inventive.” The majority of reviewers seemed to like this movie, with some calling it “endearingly funny.”

She’s Out Of Control

Matthew Perry in She's Out Of Control

The comedy film She’s Out Of Control centers on a family, particularly on a father who must accept that his daughter is growing up and beginning to date. The plot has potential: he had to educate his daughter values while fending off several young men.

But the movie most definitely fell short of any of that potential. Critics concurred that this film didn’t actually make for a very enjoyable watch because it felt like a protracted sitcom episode. Compared to other actors on this list, Matthew Perry doesn’t really appear in the film that often, therefore his influence isn’t as noticeable.


Matthew Perry in Friends

Matthew Perry, renowned for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the beloved TV show “Friends,” remains a quintessential figure in the realm of sitcoms. Portrayed with wit, sarcasm, and impeccable comic timing, Perry’s portrayal of Chandler endeared him to millions of fans worldwide.

Perry’s character, Chandler, was known for his sarcastic one-liners and endearing awkwardness, providing much of the show’s humor. His undeniable chemistry with the rest of the “Friends” cast, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, contributed to the show’s incredible success during its ten-year run.

As part of the ensemble, Matthew Perry and his character Chandler tackled the ups and downs of life in New York City, navigating the complexities of work, relationships, and friendship. His on-screen romance with Monica, portrayed by Courteney Cox, was a fan favorite, and their eventual marriage brought heartwarming moments to the series.

Even years after “Friends” concluded, Matthew Perry’s performance as Chandler Bing continues to be celebrated, and the show remains a timeless classic in the world of television sitcoms. Perry’s legacy endures as fans fondly remember his humor, wit, and contributions to this iconic series.

Fools Rush In 

Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In 

Matthew Perry starred in another romantic comedy, Fools Rush In. Together with Salma Hayek, they try to convert a one-night fling into a committed marriage—a move that, of course, only makes sense in the world of movies.

There was a lot of anticipation to see what Perry could do because this was his first major motion picture role after Friends. Critics gave the film varying ratings; some called it “sweet” and “fun.” On the other hand, several detractors said it was “completely bland.”

Three to Tango

Matthew Perry in Three to Tango

Three To Tango, a 1999 film, tells the story of two architects (Oliver Platt and Perry) who are presented with a lucrative opportunity to work for a wealthy businessman. When Perry’s character begins to develop feelings for his boss’s fiancée, things become more problematic.

In that regard, the movie is a classic romantic comedy, yet it falls short of other works in the category. This film received harsh criticism for being “predictable” and “unfunny,” with some critics even comparing it to a “mediocre episode of Friends.”

A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon

Matthew Perry in A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon

Matthew Perry starred in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon long before he became famous from Friends. The protagonist, portrayed by River Phoenix, laments the end of his high school years in this iconic teen comedy film.

Critics gave the movie varying reviews when it first came out. Some said the film was spiking things up and offering “fresh twists” to the genre. However, some thought that the film’s pacing was “off” and that it wasn’t amusing enough to be a hit.

Rest In Peace Matthew Perry

Remembering Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, beloved for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the hit TV series “Friends,” passed away, leaving fans heartbroken. His impeccable comedic timing and unique wit made him a household name. Perry’s talent extended beyond the screen as he battled his own personal struggles, inspiring many with his resilience. His contributions to the world of entertainment will forever be cherished. Matthew Perry’s memory will live on through the laughter he brought to millions, reminding us that he’ll always be our favorite sarcastic funnyman. Rest In Peace Matthew Perry.

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