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The long-awaited trailer for Dev’s upcoming historical drama, Bagha Jatin, which is being helmed by Arun Roy, has finally been out. When it is released on October 19, 2023, it is expected to enthrall viewers throughout India on the important occasion of Durga Puja.

The actual litmus test for this movie’s performance on a Pan-Indian level still lies ahead of us despite a rather understated promotion campaign for its Hindi release. The clip, which is about three minutes long, expertly casts Dev as the illustrious Indian freedom activist Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay. The British Empire greatly feared Mukhopadhyay, who is portrayed as a hero for putting the welfare of the country before his own family.

Bagha Jatin Trailer Review

The trailer is meticulous, succeeding in many areas, including patriotic sentiment, action scenes, and makeup. The dialogue by Sounava Bose stands out as being especially exceptional, and the film’s total visual and aural brilliance is also enhanced by the cinematography by Gopi Bhagat, the editing by Md. Kalam, and the music and background soundtrack by Nilayan Chatterjee. Somnath Kundu deserves special recognition for creating Dev’s appearance with such sincerity.

The trailer opens with a moving scene in which Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay’s (Dev) kid fervently asks him to tell him about the tiger he killed with the hope that one day he too will hunt such a fearsome animal. In response, Jatindranath teaches an important lesson by claiming that it is wrong to take an animal’s life.

When questioned about why he killed a tiger by himself, he admits that he erred significantly. This introduction sets the scene for a depiction of British colonial authority and Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay’s unrelenting will to free the nation from British oppression.

The ensemble cast is further enriched by the introduction of Sreeja Dutta, a debutante, as Bagha Jatin’s wife Indubala, Sudipta Chakraborty, his older sister, Samiul Alam, as Kshudiram Bose, and Rohaan Bhattacharjee, as Chittapriya Ray Chaudhuri.

The change of Dev into a person who blurs the line between fiction and reality, making it practically hard to tell him apart from the actual Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay, has contributed significantly to the rise in expectations for this movie.

The simultaneous release of Dawshom Awbotaar by Srijit Mukherji, Jongole Mitin Mashi by Koel Mallick, and Raktabeej, starring Abir Chatterjee, Mimi Chakraborty, and Victor Banerjee, in theaters on Durga Puja promises to be an exciting one for movie fans.

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