Babli Bouncer (2022): Typical Ending With A Twist

Babli Bouncer is unlike any Madhur Bhandarkar has done before. A comedic take on the old glass ceiling problem with a fresh female twist. But sadly, Babli Bouncer is soulless, unlike many of his earlier efforts. The movie isn’t sure if it wants to be a lighthearted comedy with a tonne of cliches or a coming-of-age drama. It strives to be both but ends up being neither, losing an intriguing plot and doing something big a disservice.


Babli Tanwar is an illiterate girl from the little village of Asola Fatepur, which is close to Delhi and has a high population of bouncers. Babli’s teacher thinks poorly of her since, although being of marriageable age, she hasn’t finished the 10th grade. Since she was a small child, Babli has been trained as a bouncer.

Babli scolding
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Babli meets Drum’s son Viraj Kaushik, who has just returned from London after five years of studies, at the wedding of a local couple. Babli starts to develop feelings for him and tries to approach him. Kukku and his parents asks Babli’s family for Kukku-Babli’s marriage. But when Babli learns that Kukku is a bouncer at a club in Delhi, she decides to exploit him to travel there. She pretends to like him and asks him to help her get a job in Delhi, telling him that they may discuss getting married after a year. He offered her to Kukku’s club as it happened to be seeking a female bouncer, and she later received the position.

Babli driving and viraj sitting behind
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Babli meets Viraj several times while in Delhi. At Viraj’s birthday celebration, a drunk Babli tells Viraj she has feelings for him. When Babli comes on the scene, she uses her bravery and intelligence to gently resolve the situation. Viraj is really disappointed for rejecting her after being so pleased. He starts to pursue her in an effort to win her heart back. After several unsuccessful attempts to avoid him, Babli ultimately tells him she no longer loves him.

Babli angry at kidnappers
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A group of gangsters discreetly kidnap a female customer at Babli club one more time. They also want to rape or even kill her before forcing her into their car and driving off. She struggles with the criminals, but one of them smacks her with a helmet, knocking her out. She saw her loved ones as she woke up in the hospital. Following media coverage of the incident, Babli gains notoriety and popularity very quickly. She receives a bravery medal from her state’s chief minister in front of everyone.

Babli being awarded
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She becomes rich and establishes her own training facility with the aid of a rich client that Babli existed earlier. to instruct female bouncers who wish to resemble her methods.


The only thing that makes the movie watchable is Tamanna Bhatia’s performance. Although the idea of a female lady bouncer and the actress breaking stereotypes is brilliant, the film’s poor execution causes it to fall flat.

Babli smiling
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The narrative and the astonishingly poor presentation are to blame for the film’s flaws. Even though Madhur Bhandarkar is known for his excellent filmmaking, this is one of his less noteworthy creations. A lot of the conversation seems forced, and there are a lot of moments that seem pointless and add nothing to the story. The movie’s script is incredibly poor and filled with gaps.


Babli dancing
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In the end, Babli Bouncer is a humorous film that will make you grin both during and after viewing. The compelling narrative and Tamannaah’s great acting will entice you to see the film despite its predictability and flaws.



Here’s the trailer of the movie

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