An Action Hero (2022): Ayushmann’s Best Role So Far!

Everybody is carrying a gun. Everyone has a gun. Why? And every time, the wrong man is killed. An Action Hero solves the confusion. The action-packed movie by director Anirudh Iyer features a number of instances that defy logic, not just from the main hero but also from the villains.


Manav in An action hero
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The film presents Ayushmann Khurrana as the action superstar Maanav Khurana, who has just turned down a role in a gangster biography because he wants to avoid the “bhai log and underworld.” Ironically, he’s filming in Haryana when he accidentally kills Vicky Solanki, the younger brother of a renowned criminal and Jat neta Bhoora Solanki (Jaideep Ahlawat), who now wants to punish his brother’s “death” and kill Maanav. Vicky was enjoying his new vehicle after pack-up when he died. The following cat-and-mouse pursuit through the streets of the UK with a group of trigger-happy men who are all randomly firing at each other leads to a breathtaking finale.


Anirudh Iyer wrote the movie’s script, while Neeraj Yadav wrote the screenplay and dialogue. The movie’s first half is just plain dull. Even the action scenes don’t hold your attention for very long. The second part of the film much improves, and the conclusion will absolutely astound you. Perhaps Anirudh and Neeraj adhere to the maxim “save the best for last.” But what about the full movie? The absence of a female lead is another drawback of the movie. Although Maanav is a superstar, he has no spouse, girlfriend, or family. His history has not even been hinted to by the filmmakers.


Manav and Bura in an action hero
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Ayushmann Khurrana has once again shown his flexibility when it comes to performances. He certainly has incredible comic timing, but this time he did the move flawlessly and with the appropriate swagger. As per usual, Jaideep Ahlawat is at his finest. A few supporting performers appear in the movie, but none of them are given a chance to stand out. You’ll laugh aloud at Akshay Kumar’s cameo. In any case, it’s a delight to see Malaika Arora again on a large screen. Apart from Tera Nasha, the film’s songs don’t really contribute much to the music. However, the background music is excellent and goes well with the movie’s concept.


Manav vs Bura
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The movie doesn’t need to give its main characters a lover because Bollywood history has shown us that when two men are present on screen, whether they are acting as thick friends or choking enemies, the women regularly feel like afterthoughts because of how strong the homosocial throb is. So they don’t even attempt in An Action Hero. Instead of being the objects of all that anticipated sexual tension, Maanav and Bhoora are, leading viewers to ponder whether the two would ever find a reason to hold hands rather than twist them. In this film, there is enough chance for Bhoora and Maanav to mount and dismount, grunt, snarl, pound, strangle, stroke, scratch, tug, shove, and thrum at one another. Because Bollywood has solidified the horrifying but interesting notion that violence is a kind of love.





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