Aarya Season 3 Trailer Review

The sherni is once again Sushmita Sen. She turns up the savagery as she defends her three children from a mobster world, as shown in the Season 3 trailer of Ram Madhvani’s crime thriller Aarya. This time, she turns into a gangster herself, drawing threats from both old and new adversaries.

Aarya appears to have moved out of her cozy home and is currently residing in a stronghold. Her family has left her the opium smuggling business. She coerces the proprietor of an opium farm to sign the documents at the beginning of the trailer. How? To enable him to utilize his blood as the ink, she commands her men to sever his thumb in half.

Aarya Season 3 Trailer Review

Her new allies, the Russians, present her with the largest transportation transaction of her life, valued at $1 billion. She is collaborating with Sampat, who earlier threatened to kill her family, and Daulat, her husband Jeet’s (Chandrachur Singh) murderer and now-loyal sidekick (Sikandar Kher).

The person who wears the crown also becomes the target of many, as Sushmita’s narration revealed in the Season 3 teaser. Of course additional criminals have entered her yard. Among them is Sooraj (Indraneil Sengupta), her deceased father Udayveer’s son-in-law, who has returned to India in an effort to exact revenge for the latter’s demise.

Ila Arun also plays another character who vows to stop Arya’s business expansions. In addition to these, there is the usual crop between ACP Khan and the Russians, who threaten to kill her family if they break their agreement.

Aarya, however, is not a weak lady. On top of a citadel, in a wounded state, she is seen slicing people’s chests with a sword and yelling an intense war cry. The same area is where Aarya is shot and knocked to the ground.

Ram Madhvani is the creator, producer, and director of the program, which also features Geetanjali Kulkarni and Maya Sarao. On November 3, Season 3 will debut on Disney+ Hotstar.

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