5 Horror Movies You Can’t Watch Alone

There are horror movies that make you look over your shoulder, discuss with your friends, and even sleep with lights on. The darkness puts you in a zone where you become more involved and things make more sense at night, and there is no one to interrupt you as you watch a movie. Most people enjoy watching horror movies, yet most of the time they scare the crap out of us, mainly because we want to watch them by ourselves. Here is a list of the top 5 horror movies that you should not watch alone.

The Shining

The chilling and terrifying “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick forces us to make a choice: Who is the honest observer? Whose version of events can we believe? The characters in the initial scene of a job interview appear honest enough, despite the dialogue’s formality, which is similar to┬áthe banter on the space station in “2001.” Jack Torrance, a father who intends to spend the winter alone and isolated with his wife and son, is introduced to us. He’ll be in charge of looking after the snow-covered Overlook Hotel. Jack assures his employer, Mr. Ullman, that he won’t commit the same crime as a former caretaker who killed his wife and two girls before killing himself.

The Conjuring 2

What horrifies you? It’s not hard to understand what scares James Wan. The director’s sense of cinematic fear was definitely inspired by the great era’s horror films, such as “The Omen” and “Poltergeist,” which often appear in his work. The fact that he can connect this to the “real story” of another horror movie from his youth only makes the deal more tempting. With “The Conjuring 2,” Wan is a kid in a haunted candy store, and his skill makes this kind of thrill enjoyable, even if it lacks the visceral, soul impact of the original.

It Follows

The new horror film “It Follows,” which is scary and has received well-deserved praise, is working if you can’t guess what it’s about from the title alone. The reason “It Follows,” the second movie written and directed by David Robert Mitchell succeeds is because its makers keep the audience at a distance. It’s a ghost story, but the suburban characters are not always haunted by the dead. It’s also about teenagers who engage in sexual activity. But it’s neither a simple praise nor a criticism of underage snogging. Instead, “It Follows” prolongs and amplifies the power of teenage concerns until they resemble lengthy existential curly hair. In that way, “It Follows” isn’t actually about sex at all, but rather an intolerable, unstoppable feeling that comes with growing up and never really goes away, not even after climax sexual or other violent deeds.

Annabelle: Creation

The common opinion in the film industry used to be that poor horror sequels were much worse than the first. Why, how do you create something from nothing? With “Annabelle: Creation,” which is a great improvement over the hideously dreadful “Annabelle” from 2014, 2017 repeats the shocking trick of last year’s “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” which was widely and rightfully thought to be superior to the dull original. In contrast to that movie, which seemed hasty attempt to cash in on the success of “The Conjuring,” David F. Sandberg’s sequel doesn’t seem to have been created just for the sake of making money. It includes elements of the first movie and employs mood. More so than “Annabelle” or “The Conjuring 2,” which makes it a very excellent horror movie.


You’ll want to cuddle up in a ball in your chair and dare to watch “Raw” through spaced hands. But maybe not because of the film’s brutal violence. When you’re a young woman trying to find place in the world, Ducournau captures the frights present in the world. The banal moments in the movie are what really shock you. Not necessarily the horrible ones, which is what makes it so startling. So Here are the 5 Movies You (Me) never want to watch alone.

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