5 Comedy Movies To Binge Watch This Weekend

In today’s society, movies are a major art form that both entertains and serves as a business. Comedy movies are made to make people laugh.  The dynamic blend of visuals, sounds, effects, dialogue, special effects, and many other factors in movies has the power to evoke strong emotions in people and lead them to evaluate their own lives. It also takes on a variety of genres, including dark comedies, action comedies, and romantic comedies. Comedy movies create happy emotions. People gain strength and courage from laughter. Also, it improves mental health because, as they say, “laughing is the best medicine.” So here are top 5 movies you can binge-watch this weekend


This is what I’m talking about right now. The whole time duration of “The Hangover” is packed with laughter. The setup is hilarious. Every situation is hilarious. Nearly every word of the dialogue is funny. When the missing bridegroom finally turns up, we actually start to worry a little about what happened to him. The fact that we almost care is also hilarious.


In the 1997 film “Liar Liar,” played by Jim Carrey, the hero is a lawyer who finds he is suddenly unable to tell lies. Here is “Yes Man,” in which Carrey plays a bank loan executive who is unable to refuse. It might have been a docudrama if the film had been released a little bit later to capitalize on the mortgage crisis.


The concept of “Step Brothers” may have been for a fun cinematic experience, but after watching it, I felt a little dirty. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly star as Brennan and Dale, two sons who are around 40 but have never held a job and are still living at home. They enjoy eating nachos with melted cheese while watching TV. They become stepbrothers and are forced to share a room after their parents, Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins, get married. As a result, they torture one another and behave in a way that would be considered extreme in a truck stop’s men’s room.


The Other Guys is an exception to this trend; it’s a Will Ferrell movie that goes above his normal comedic stuff and manages to entertain people in a way that Ferrell hasn’t been able to do in his recent films. Ferrell’s picture, The Other Guys, is one of his brightest, hippest, liveliest, and funniest work, and it serves as proof that the nonstop childish comedian  finally found how to mature cinema without losing his loyal fanbase.


Nearly a downmarket remake of the classic comedy “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” is “Due Date.” It puts Steve Martin and John Candy actors Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis in a car together, drives them down the highway, and doesn’t forget to take off not one but two car doors. The very first movie Todd Phillips made since his box office smash “The Hangover” features some of the same crude comedy and uphold drive in the face of severe character flaws. It doesn’t have as many chuckles as other movies, but it does have some pretty big laughs. 

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